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Two Eagles players caught committing heinous activity on sideline during Washington game


New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

A Virginia-based photographer covering Sunday’s NFL Week 15 game between Philadelphia and Washington captured a shot of an absolutely HEINOUS act by two Eagles players. Please shield your eyes if you aren’t at least 21 years old and note that the following image is NOT safe for work.

Wow. Not just one — but TWO middle fingers. Truly disgusting.

Really just an embarrassing look here for Eagles linebackers Nathan Gerry and Duke Riley. Not sure why they felt the need to traumatize an innocent photographer.

Gerry and Riley could afford to learn a thing or two about class and respect. People have the nerve to say that the team name “Redskins” is offensive but then they’re okay with the Eagles flipping the bird? The lesser of two evils should be obvious.

It’s safe to say these players should be permanently banned from the NFL, at a minimum. I wouldn’t rule out a full investigation with criminal charges possible as well.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the photographer who witnessed this incident.

This article is very serious.

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