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Malcolm Jenkins: “Y’all know what f***ing week it is”

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles beat Washington, so you know that means ... time for a Doug Pederson victory postgame locker room speech.

Hey, first of all, guys, let me tell you something. My hat, {lifts visor} my hat is totally off to you guys for hanging in there and battling. We talked about it last night. We had to lock in, what? Mentally, physically, your fundamentals, and then obviously the great communication at the end of the game. Players, coaches, everybody. So my hat’s off to you for doing that. Great job, men. Great job.

And can we PLEASE make it a little easier next time?! Right? But nobody said this game was easy, right? It takes men. It takes men of character and courage to win games in the National Football League. Because you win it during the week. But it takes that every single time, every single week. That is a great effort. I’m so proud of you guys, man.

Again, young guys, you battled, you hung in there, and you stepped up. Miles, great run at the end. Avonte, a sack at the end and the strip, Nigel, I didn’t know if you were going to make it [to the end zone] or not! {laughing}

Hey, G-Ward! How about G-Ward!?

We’ve got two games. All we talk about is going 1-0. You went 1-0 this week. Enjoy this win, let’s get on this train and get out of here.

Some important victory speech thoughts:

  • Lol at Doug literally lifting his visor while saying his hat is off to the team. Dad joke Pederson.
  • But no, seriously, CAN this team try to make winning look easy for once!? Could be nice to try that.
  • Second week in a row where the Eagles posted a postgame locker room speech featuring Pederson shouting out the young guys. You can really tell how players are happy for their inexperienced teammates. Especially cool moment for Greg Ward after catching the game-winning touchdown pass.

The Eagles also showed Malcolm Jenkins’ final huddle message to the team and it’s an appropriate one ahead of this weekend’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

“Ay, that’s a good win, man. Like we said, we’re going to rest up, because y’all know what f***ing week it is, man. Put that s*** in your mind right now. Ain’t nothing else to be said. Family on three.”

Yup. The season comes down to this. Beat the Cowboys or it’s over.

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