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Let’s take another moment to appreciate Carson Wentz’s crazy touchdown pass to Miles Sanders

This was nuts!

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The biggest story coming out of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 15 win over Washington is, quite understandably, Carson Wentz coming up big in the clutch for the second game in a row. But let’s put the fourth quarter heroics aside for a moment to specifically appreciate this third quarter touchdown throw to Miles Sanders in the back corner of the end zone:

There are so many things that make this play great.

First, let’s set the context. The Eagles hadn’t had a lead over Washington since they went up 10 to 7 with 9:53 remaining in the second quarter. Their following four drives all ended without points. The Eagles really needed to get seven points here.

Now for the play itself.

Wentz drops back ... examines the field ... FAKES a spin out to the left to trick Washington’s defensive linemen ...

... rolls out right ... keeps his eyes down the field ... actually takes a brief moment to turn his head left to look off the defense ...

... and then fires an ABSOLUTE LASER — while on the move — past the outstretched fingertips of not one but TWO defenders in the end zone ...

... to hit Sanders for the touchdown.

Just an incredible throw. And a great catch by the rookie to boot.

Now let’s watch the play again from the crowd angle:

This kind of play serves as a reminder that Wentz is a special talent capable of making some otherworldly throws. This kind of plays makes up for some of the mistakes that Wentz could still afford to correct when it comes to fumbling and accuracy issues. This kind of play is why the Eagles were right to pay Wentz $128 million to be their franchise quarterback.

This throw is right up there with the best ones of Wentz’s career. His touchdown pass to Corey Clement back in 2017 is probably always going to be No. 1 to me. I still don’t know how he got this one off:

Same could be said for Wentz’s deep completion to Nelson Agholor against Seattle in 2017 as he was stumbling and being tackled:

The Eagles will hope to see more of these plays from Wentz moving forward. Having a few during this week’s Dallas Cowboys game could be pretty cool.

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