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FINAL SCORE: Carson Wentz comes up in the clutch AGAIN as Eagles beat Washington, 37 to 27


Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are 7-7 after defeating the Washington Redskins in Week 15! Final score: 37 to 27.

Carson Wentz comes up in the clutch again! The Greg Ward Jr. game! Miles Sanders looking awesome! All that and more in the recap below. Read on for fun.


Coin toss: Eagles win the toss and defer.

Washington 1st drive: Washington starts at their own 18-yard line. Ronald Darby is starting on the outside after being ruled questionable. Washington dinks and dunks their way to three first downs before getting to 3rd-and-6. Dwayne Haskins is almost sacked but escapes for two yards. Bill Callahan decides to punt from the Eagles’ 43-yard line. Thanks, Washington.

Eagles 1st drive: Eagles take over at their 5-yard line. Carson Wentz’s first pass is a completion over the middle to Zach Ertz for a first down. Solid start. Miles Sanders takes a short reception and busts through contact for eight yards. Another Sanders touch goes for a first down. Offense is humming! Boston Scott logs a short reception and fumbles but JJ Arcega-Whiteside recovers. Nice hustle from the rookie. Sanders bursts through the hole on 3rd-and-1 to pick up the first down. Wentz throws a pass away to bring up 3rd-and-7. The third down attempt hits a wide open Ertz for a first down ... and then Ertz breaks through a tackle for even more yardage! The Eagles are at the 20-yard line. Wentz steps up and floats a pass that’s just a little beyond Ertz’s outstretched arm in the end zone. Wentz’s second down pass goes to Ertz (see a trend here?) brings up 3rd-and-3. Wentz is pressured on third down but he steps up and lunges ahead for the first down. Boom. The Eagles have 1st-and-goal from the 9-yard line and Wentz picks up two yards on a botched handoff. Wentz throws it away to bring up 3rd-and-goal from the 6-yard line. Wentz’s third down pass is thrown away. Looks like Arcega-Whiteside wasn’t where he was supposed to be. The Eagles settle for a 25-yard field goal attempt and Jake Elliott makes it. Could’ve gone worse for a drive that started at their own 5-yard line. EAGLES 3, WASHINGTON 0.

Washington 2nd drive: Haskins completes over the middle to Terry McLaurin and Avonte Maddox whiffs on the tackle to allow the rookie receiver to take it 75 yards to the house. Lol. Come on, defense. That’s the ONE GUY you can’t allow to beat you! Other teams score so much more easily than the Eagles do. EAGLES 3, WASHINGTON 7.

Eagles 2nd drive: Ertz draws a penalty for a first down after taking a dirty hit to the head. He’s hurt. Sanders catch-and-run goes for another. End of the first.


Eagles 2nd drive (continued): Then it’s Dallas Goedert on a screen for a catch-and-run. Wentz throws into the end zone and Arcega-Whiteside drops it. Cool, awesome.

The Eagles get set back by a block in the back and then a Jason Peters false start (third in three games). JJAW’s drop even more costly now. Washington is flagged for roughing the passer (bad call!) to bail the Eagles out of 2nd-and-22. Arecega-Whiteside is then called for a holding. Man, he’s killing the Eagles early on. The Eagles get to 3rd-and-3 and Wentz hits a wide open Greg Ward over the middle to bring up 1st-and-goal. Sanders takes a carry to the 2-yard line and then a toss into the end zone for the touchdown. Great answer drive. Sanders is looking better and better recently. EAGLES 10, WASHINGTON 7.

Washington 3rd drive: Jalen Mills is called for a BS pass interference to give Washington a first down. Haskins completes another pass to Steven Sims and the Washington is beyond midfield. Then Adrian Peterson runs for a first down. Defense gotta step up, man. Haskins is sacked but Rasul Douglas — who’s in the game now for Ronald Darby — is called for holding. Hard to see where the penalty happened! Another BS call. Haskins pitches the option to Peterson and Washington is in goal-to-go territory. C’mon. Haskins is almost picked by Darby, who’s back in the game, as the ball then pops into the air and it almost picked off by Nigel Bradham. No dice. Washington their first timeout on 3rd-and-goal. Haskins’ third down throw is completed to a toe-tapping Sims in the back of the end zone. Really good throw and catch. Nice for Haskins to suck all year and then finally look good against the Eagles’ defense! EAGLES 10, WASHINGTON 14.

Eagles 3rd drive: Ertz can’t hold on to a high throw from Wentz. Wentz floats it up to Goedert but the tight end can’t make the jump ball catch despite the fact it hits him in the hands. On third down, Wentz is pressured and his desperation pass while falling is knocked down. Three-and-out.

Washington 4th drive: Nathan Gerry whiffs on tackling Peterson to bring up 3rd-and-4. Maddox finally does a good thing as he tackles Sims to force an incompletion and bring up fourth down. Three-and-out.

Eagles 4th drive: Eagles take over at their own 20-yard line. Wentz hits Scott for a first down catch-and-run. He’s got the juice. Eagles get to 3rd-and-7 and Doug Pederson calls a coward’s draw to Sanders ... that actually goes for a first! On 3rd-and-7, Wentz’s pass goes through Ertz’s hands. Tough play that was thrown behind him but, still, catchable.

Washington 5th drive: Washington gets to 3rd-and-4 — after Pederson declines a second down holding penalty on Washington (?!) — and Fletcher Cox whiffs on a screen tackle to allow a first down. Fun. Genard Avery call for being offsides. Hey, there he is! Malcolm Jenkins knocks down a pass that otherwise could’ve been a pick for Rodney McLeod. Ugh.

Eagles 5th drive: The Eagles take over at their own 3-yard line with 40 seconds left in the half. The Eagles hand off to Sanders to run out the first half. Surrender.


Eagles 6th drive: The Eagles get to 3rd-and-3 and Wentz’s throw for Ward is low and then knocked out. Better throw more easily picks up the first down there.

Washington 6th drive: Washington gets to 3rd-and-6 and McLeod mades a good open field tackle on a Haskins run attempt to bring up fourth down. Huge stop there. And now Haskins is limping a little.

Eagles 7th drive: Wentz fumbles while pressured in the pocket and Washington recovers ... but Boston Scott strips it for an Eagles recovery! Lol. Best play that this offense has? Upon review, Wentz threw the ball forward so it’s an incompletion. Much ado about nothing. Wentz find Ertz on third down for a first down. The crowd here at Pistola’s Del Sur cheers loudly for that one. The Eagles get to 3nd-and-2 and Scott takes the carry for another first. Gotta nice drive down to the 26-yard line here. Wentz overthrows Ertz on a should-be touchdown. Eagles get to 3rd-and-5 and Scott makes a catch for ANOTHER first down. The crowd here at the bar is chanting “BOS-CO!” The Eagles are into the red zone. The Eagles get called for a false start on a play that looked like a neutral zone infraction. Wentz buys time ... rolls right ... buys more time ... and throws a FRIGGIN STRIKE to Sanders in the back right corner of the end zone. Holy shit! Amazing throw and great catch! EAGLES 17, WASHINGTON 14.

Washington 7th drive: Washington gets to 3rd-and-short and Peterson is seemingly stopped behind the line ... until he breaks free. Today’s tackling has been AWFUL. Washington gets into another 3rd-and-1 and Avery runs past Haskins, who had the ball, to take away the option pitch. The problem: Haskins was left with a ton of wide open field to run through! This friggin defense, man.


Washington 7th drive (continued): Peterson looks to run left and then cuts back right for a touchdown. Just way too easy. EAGLES 17, WASHINGTON 21.

Eagles 8th drive: Wentz fumbles after having a free rusher in his face and Halapoulivaati Vaitai fortunately recovers. Sanders breaks off for a HUGE 56-yard run on third down and the Eagles are in the red zone! Sanders has been huge today and that’s good for the Eagles’ rookie rushing record. Scott takes another carry for another first. The Eagles get to 1st-and-goal and pick up four with a Sanders a carry. Wentz takes a carry for another gain and then he hits a wide open Ertz for a TOUCHDOWN. We’re on the seesaw, folks. EAGLES 24, WASHINGTON 21.

Washington 8th drive: Washington picks up a big gain on their kick return. One Haskins pass to a wide open target puts Washington into Eagles territory already. Sigh. Would it kill this team to capitalize on offensive momentum? (Apparently, yes.) Washington gets set back due to a holding penalty on a Peterson run. Washington throws a pass to ... no one ... to bring up 3rd-and-12. On third down, Haskins’ throw short of the sticks is behind and dropped. Washington goes for the 53-yard field goal ... and it’s good. Dammit. Tie game. EAGLES 24, WASHINGTON 24.

Eagles 9th drive: Sanders runs for a loss. Wentz completes to Ward to bring up 3rd-and-2. Wentz is strip-sacked while only holding the ball with one hand (too loose) and Washington recovers. Wentz had plenty of time to run for the first down but he held on to the ball for too long. Need a quicker decision there. 13th fumble in Wentz’s last eight games. Kind of a problem!

Washington 9th drive: Washington throws a challenge flag for pass interference on Maddox but the ruling on the field stands. Right call. On 3rd-and-10, Haskins completes it over the middle and Jenkins whiffs before Maddox makes the tackle. Phew. Washington settles for the short field goal and makes it. Washington had the lead. EAGLES 24, WASHINGTON 27.

Eagles 10th drive: Touchback has the Eagles start at their own 25-yard line with 4:52 left in regulation. The Eagles get to 3rd-and-5 and Wentz find Ward for a first down. Goedert makes an incredible one-handed catch for another chunk gain — omg, someone made a play for the quarterback! The Eagles are at the 28-yard line at the 2:00 minute warning. Wentz throws to Ward and it goes for a first down! That was neat. Wentz goes back to Ward for another first down! It’s first-and-goal. Wentz lobs it up ... and Ward makes the leaping catch! WOW!!!!!!!! CLUTCH WENTZ DOES IT AGAIN. EAGLES 31, WASHINGTON 27.

Washington 10th drive: Washington gets into Hail Mary territory ... but Haskins fumbles! And Nigel Bradham recovers it! And takes it to the end zone! Talk about an exclamation point! (AND THEY COVERED THE SPREAD!) EAGLES 37, WASHINGTON 27.

FINAL SCORE: 37 to 27, Eagles win!



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