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Brian Westbrook talks Eagles’ playoff hopes, Carson Wentz, Boston Scott, and much more

BGN Radio Special with BWest!

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Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

We’ve heard a lot of different talking points and questions around the Philadelphia Eagles lately. Was the comeback, overtime win over the New York Giants a rallying point for the late stages of the regular season? Will it be enough to get them to the playoffs? Was it a defining moment in Carson Wentz’s career? Holy crap, Boston Scott?!

Thanks to the fine folk over at the Crown Royal “Water Break”, I got to talk with somebody who has been in these types of situations before during a discussion with Eagles’ legend Brian Westbrook. We talked about the state of the team and much more.

Quotes from Westbrook below:

On the Eagles win over the Giants...

“A lot of people would say that they have no business being down to the New York Giants and we know that individual games it’s going to be tough... I just think it’s one of those things where our team has to do a better job of starting much faster... it’s just weird, this team seems to respond to emergency situations... It’s disappointing to see it because I think they can play better for four quarters offensively and defensively, but it was good just to see them get a win at home... There’s a lot of different things they need to fix though.”

On Wentz’s leadership in the comeback...

“Any team needs a calming presence at the quarterback position... I think Carson was able to show that this week... I think the truth is, a lot of guys were not sure if Carson had that in him and I think a lot of media members were not sure if Carson had the ability or not... and I think he showed a little bit of that against the Giants. I think there’s a lot more to see... In order to be able to say that’s who you are, you have to be able to do that consistently and that’s the thing Carson has to work on.”

On Miles Sanders’ development...

“I do think that Miles Sanders has gotten better, especially from earlier on in the season... I think he still is, Miles Sanders, your most explosive player on offense and you got to find ways to get him in space to get him the football and if you do that you can be a little more successful...”

If Boston Scott fits the Darren Sproles role...

“Well if you saw what he did on Monday, I think the answer to that is ‘absolutely’. He looked like a young Darren Sproles and he kind of remind me of Maurice Jones-Drew like a little bowling ball out there. I mean he did a great job of setting his blocks up, reading his blocks, exploding through the hole, not being tackled by the first defender, making the guy miss in the open field. If you’re looking for traits in a running back, that’s exactly what you need... The question plainly is, ‘why weren’t we using him earlier in the season?’”

On the Eagles’ playoff chances...

“When the Dallas Cowboys and their owner Jerry Jones started talking coaches contracts... and bad mouthed the coach... I think he doomed that football team... I think we find a way to win that... that’s just how much I think about the noise that surrounds teams and how the noise can effect your team. I think the noise around the Dallas Cowboys is going to be the one thing that prevents them from being able execute well enough to beat the Eagles. Because of that I think the Eagles will make the playoffs.”

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