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Eagles can’t look past the inconsistent yet gritty Dwayne Haskins

The QB Scho Show #44!

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Washington Redskins v Green Bay Packers Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

No game is a “gimme” in the NFL. That’s especially true of the Philadelphia Eagles this year. After losing in a track meet to Ryan Fitzpatrick and barely scraping by against Eli Manning, we should know that looking past any team or quarterback is foolish.

Washington enters their divisional showdown with the Eagles after dropping to 3-10 and being knocked out of the playoffs with a rookie quarterback at the helm. That rookie, Dwayne Haskins, has had some growing pains, but hasn’t been without his moments.

On The QB Scho Show #44, I talked with my co-host Mark Schofield about Haskins, with the following quotes coming from Schofield...

On Haskins’ development...

“I think he’s learning and I think he’s developing... if you watch Haskins you see evidence of him growing even within a game. You look his game against Green Bay... he had a sack early on a 3rd & 9 in the 1st quarter on stick-type concept where he’s got two inside curl routes. If he anticipates it better he’s going to throw one of these for a first down.

Later in the game he has a similar concept, but he gets the ball out on time, in rhythm, again under pressure, and you see him starting to speed up just in the course of a single game.”

On Haskins’ intangibles...

“When we assembled our ‘Build-A-Quarterback’... one of the things we had was the heart and guts of Dwayne Haskins and the competitive toughness that he shows... and you saw it last week in Green Bay where he’s under assault early, they’re down early, but he’s battling back and fighting through some adversity and so he sort of checks that box as well which probably makes him a good quarterback for this moment in Washington.

On where Haskins needs to improve...

“Does he have things he needs to fix and get better at? Sure. He obviously needs to get faster, he obviously needs to get better with his eyes.. he needs to fix some tiny mechanical flaws with the lower body that I think are impacting placement... He’s going through some trials and tribulations now like all rookie quarterbacks do.”

The other area where Haskins needs to improve, and this ties in with the need for consistently making anticipation throws, is the rate at which he takes sacks. He hits the deck and average of over four times a game since becoming the starter, a trend the Eagles will hope continues.

We dig more in Dwayne Haskins’ game, give a performance review of Carson Wentz, and much more on The QB Scho Show #44! Listen on the media player below or click here if the player doesn’t load. New to podcasts?! Check out our guide on how to listen to BGN! FLY EAGLES FLY!

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