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Jim Schwartz talks Eagles’ defensive performance against Giants, Washington prep, more

Hear from Philadelphia’s defensive coordinator.

Eagles’ defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz spoke to the media on Wednesday about how certain players performed against the Giants, and what they’ll see from rookie Washington QB Dwayne Haskins.

Here’s what the DC had to say:

On the defense against the Giants

Schwartz emphasized that one of the challenges with defending the Giants’ offense is that you always have to account for Saquon Barkley, but he thought they did a nice job of limiting his role.

Sidney Jones

He was asked whether Sidney Jones’ big play would have any impact on his role, and Schwartz acknowledged that it was an important part of the game, 3rd-and-3 is a tough down defensively anyway but coming in cold like he did was good. But, they weren’t surprised by it because Jones has worked really hard, and his decreased role hasn’t affected his mentality toward work and practice. Schwartz even said that he’s not sure they win the game with that pass breakup.

In that situation, Schwartz said that some of the work falls on the coaches, but it’s not up to them to get Jones engaged, it’s up to the player to stay engaged despite his limited role. But, Jones has done a great job of that and has maintained a good attitude and has worked hard on the practice field.

Josh Sweat

Schwartz said that Sweat has handled his increased role well this season, and he’s been productive tackling as a rotational defensive end. He’s been tackling at a higher rate than some of the guys they’ve had in that role in the past, and he’s been rushing at similar rates.

He said that Sweat is improving and has made some big plays for the team this year. Schwartz also says the DE has made the most of the reps he’s gotten.

Vinny Curry

The DC also mentioned that Sweat, along with Vinny Curry, got extra reps against the Giants with Derek Barnett’s injury. Schwartz lauded Curry and noted he had “an outstanding game”, was very disruptive and made some big plays.

Malcolm Jenkins

Schwartz mentioned that Jenkins is super consistent and that’s not by accident, it’s because of his approach and the replication of his approach every week. The safety is a disciplined player and takes care of his body and mind, practices hard, studies hard, is smart, multi-dimensional — and all that leads to consistency week-after-week.

The DC went on to say that Jenkins is a great tackler and affects the quarterback on blitzes. He said that there isn’t much on the football field that they don’t have confidence having Jenkins do, and he’s proven that over the course of his long career.

Ronald Darby

Schwartz was asked if Darby has that same kind of consistency. He noted that they play different positions, and Darby isn’t asked to play nickel or safety or linebacker, but there is similarities in their approach and how they study the game.

The DC was also quick to shoulder the blame for the Giants’ first TD of the game, and said it wasn’t Darby’s fault that they scored. But, he did like the way Darby bounced back after that play.

On preparing for Washington

Schwartz was asked how things will differ this in their second game against Washington this year with rookie Dwayne Haskins as the starting quarterback. He mentioned that the other QBs on Washington’s roster obviously bring more experience, but he does have a great arm and can make the throws, plus their run game hasn’t changed a whole lot allowing for similar zone-read and RPO stuff.

“You can tell he’s gonna be a good player, we just gotta make sure it’s not on Sunday.”

Schwartz later talked about running back Adrian Peterson and noted that he’s strong, still has great vision and is still a productive runner. He continued to say that if they fit a run wrong, he can make them pay — similar to Barkley, you have to limit his opportunities and touches.

The DC also mentioned rookie wide receiver Terry McLaurin and how he’s a guy that can make big plays. He talked about how they missed a couple coverages and gave him a few plays when they played Washington at the beginning of the season, but McLaurin has proven he’s a good player in the weeks since — and has taken on a bigger role with their injuries at tight end.

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