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Carson Wentz calls it a ‘frustrating loss’ to the Dolphins

The Eagles’ QB didn’t offer any excuses for the poor play on Sunday.

Void of excuses, Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz spoke to the media after the loss to the Dolphins and said that they didn’t overlook this Miami team but they just didn’t make the plays they needed to for the win.

Wentz said it was a frustrating loss considering all the factors — still in the hunt for first place in the division, the Dolphins struggling in a 2-9 season, etc...

“Coming down here on the road, hoping for a big road win to kind of get us out of the funk. Just didn’t make enough plays and came up short today.”

The quarterback said that it’s hard to pinpoint why they’ve struggled so much this season, and that each game is different.

“But, at the end of the day, we’re not making enough plays in critical situations to win ball games. We’ve been close in a lot of these, and just collectively as a team we’re coming up short in those critical situations. And it starts with me, I gotta be better in a lot of those big-time situations too, and that’s probably the biggest thing I’ve noticed right off the top.”

Wentz also identified some missed throws on his part and some penalties that hurt them, but the Dolphins did mix things up a bit defensively as well.

Still, the quarterback believes this team can bounce back, and he explained why:

“For me, my belief in every guy in that locker room doesn’t change. Obviously, fell short today, circumstances not ideal to come in here and lose again, but you know I have a lot of faith, a lot of belief in the guys that we have. And, I’ve seen crazier. I’ve seen crazier. We just have to find a way to get back on top next week. Go 1-0 next week, and see what happens.”

Wentz did say that after a loss like this he tries not to be too down, it’s frustrating, but he looks ahead to the next. He said, it’s a quick league and they don’t have time to sulk too much.

Late in the game Wentz was sacked and he was quick to admit that he needs to just throw the ball away in that situation. He held onto it too long and was trying to force something to happen, but he can’t take the sack in that situation.

In general, the QB said it’s important that the locker room doesn’t start pointing fingers, and that they continue to compete heading into the four division games. He also agreed that it seems that the offense and defense can’t seem to execute at the same time, but Wentz believes in both sides of the ball to make changes and get back on track.

And while they don’t point fingers, Wentz said that they all hold themselves and each other accountable for their performances in order to improve. On that note, he said that Zach Ertz’s missed plays were an outlier and not typical for the tight end, so he has no hesitation to get the ball back to him. Similarly, while he would like some of his throws back, Wentz felt good about his connection with Alshon Jeffery on Sunday.

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