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Game-by-game predictions for the rest of the Eagles’ 2019 schedule

Will Philadelphia make the playoffs for the third year in a row?

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

An annual bye week tradition here at Bleeding Green Nation involves me predicting the outcome of the remaining games on the Philadelphia Eagles’ schedule. In 2017, I predicted the Eagles would finish 13-3 and win the Super Bowl. That happened. In 2018, I predicted the Eagles would make the playoffs and lose to the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional Round. That also happened.

So, the clear takeaway here is that I have clairvoyant powers. I know what’s going to happen over the course of the Eagles’ final seven games. Let’s take a look.


Current opponent record: 8-1

Pick: Eagles lose, drop to 5-5

The Eagles have a lot of things working against them in this spot. The Eagles don’t have a rest advantage here since the Pats are also coming off their bye. The Pats are going to be angry coming off a loss to the Ravens that ruined a chance at 16-0. The Pats are also going to be eager to avenge their Super Bowl LII loss. You just know the Eagles are going to lose this game and the talk is going to be “Carson Wentz couldn’t beat the Patriots like Nick Foles did.”


Current opponent record: 7-2

Pick: Eagles lose, drop to 5-6

Russell Wilson is well on pace to be NFL MVP. The man has thrown 22 touchdowns to just one interception this season (plus three rushing scores). Wilson has always had the Eagles’ number; he’s 3-0 in three games against Philly while completing 60.6% of his attempts for six touchdowns, zero interceptions, and a 104.9 passer rating. He’s also logged 98 rushing yards and one rushing score against Philly. Oh, and a 15-yard touchdown reception as well. So, eight total touchdowns in three games against the Eagles. Wilson is such a pesky player to defend and the Eagles’ defense makes him look especially unguardable. This game will be annoying because both DK Metcalf and Josh Gordon — whom the Eagles passed up on — will find a way to torment the Eagles’ secondary. As if they needed more help, Seattle has a rest advantage in this matchup since they’re coming off their bye.


Current opponent record: 1-7

Pick: Eagles win, advance to 6-6

The Dolphins have actually looked competitive in recent weeks. They had road leads on the Buffalo Bills and the Pittsburgh Steelers before ultimately blowing them. The signs of progress were legitimized in Week 9 with the Dolphins beating the New York Jets for their first win of the season. Still, the Dolphins are ultimately trying to tank for a good draft pick. And for as hard as they might try, they’re ultimately worse off than the Eagles. Philly bounces back after two straight losses with a win. There will be a lot of Eagles fans in the stands down in Miami.


Current opponent record: 2-7

Pick: Eagles win, advance to 7-6

This is a big game for the Eagles in a historical context because beating the G-Men would give Philly their first-ever lead in the all-time series between these two NFC East rivals. The record is currently tied up at 86-86-2. I do think Daniel Jones could actually do some damage against this Eagles secondary but he’s also prone to making mistakes. The Eagles will capitalize on Jones’ turnovers and advance to 19-4 in their last 23 meetings against Big Blue.


Current opponent record: 1-8

Pick: Eagles win, advance to 8-6

Dwayne Haskins has looked totally lost when he’s had to play. I don’t expect that to change during the season. Eagles fans take over the stands at FedEx Field and cheer the Birds to a convincing win. Three in a row.


Current opponent record: 5-3

Pick: Eagles lose, drop to 8-7

The outcome of this game will likely determine who wins the division And it’s going to be the Cowboys who become the first team since 2004 to repeat as NFC East champions. I don’t enjoy telling you this but the Eagles just don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt here. They’ve never beaten the Cowboys when Ezekiel Elliott has played. To be clear, I don’t think the Eagles will get blown out by Dallas this time. But they won’t win.


Current opponent record: 2-7

Pick: Eagles win, advance to 9-7

Dangerous to bet against Pat Shurmur in a meaningless Week 17 game, I know, but I’ll take the Eagles here. They’ll get a win that only serves to worsen their first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft as they miss the playoffs.


Since the Cowboys are the Eagles’ main competition in the NFC East, let’s quickly take a look as their remaining games as well.

vs. Minnesota Vikings
at Detroit Lions
at New England Patriots
vs. Buffalo Bills
at Chicago Bears
vs. Los Angeles Rams
at Philadelphia Eagles
vs. Washington

I see the Cowboys losing at least three games prior to playing the Eagles in Week 16. That’d put Dallas at 8-6 heading into Philly. As explained above, I also think the Eagles will be 8-6. So, yeah, the NFC East likely comes down to Week 16.

That is, unless the Cowboys prove to be frauds before then. Wouldn’t count on it but ...


It’s not impossible that the Eagles could make the playoffs as a wild card for the second in a year. Check out the current NFC playoff picture via ESPN:

But with a real loss to the Vikings and projected loss to the Seahawks, tie-breakers could be working against the Eagles.


The Eagles’ offensive identity of running the ball and dinking-and-dunking their way down the field will be good enough to beat bad teams. But it won’t be good enough when they’re tasked with outpacing the points that opponents will be able to put up on Philly’s defense. It’s hard to imagine how the Eagles can make a serious run with such an utterly abysmal passing attack.

I wish I felt better about the Eagles’ outlook but the reality is that I don’t. They’re a boringly average team.


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