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Eagles bye week mailbag: Sign Antonio Brown? Extend Jordan Howard? And more questions

BGN Radio Episode 91!

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New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are 5-4 heading into their Week 10 bye. There’s a decent chance the Birds can make a playoff run in the second half of the season!

And yet, there’s ample reason to not feel so good about this team’s outlook. The news of DeSean Jackson being placed on injured reserve has really put a damper on things.

In order to talk more about the current state of the Eagles and answers your Twitter questions, I got together with Jimmy Kempski for the latest BGN Radio podcast. You can [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN] or stream our conversation below:

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  • Who’s to blame for the DeSean Jackson injury? DeSean? The medical staff?
  • Was getting the surgery in Week 2 really the simple fix that some have made it out to be?
  • How do the Eagles go forward with these awful wide receivers?
  • Should the Eagles have gone after Josh Gordon? (Yes.) Should they go after Antonio Brown? (No.)
  • Is re-signing Jordan Matthews the right move?
  • The Eagles are paying Carson Wentz top five quarterback money. The Eagles allotted more 2019 cap space to their three Week 1 starting wide receivers than any other team. And now the team is forced to be a run-heavy offense because the passing game sucks.


  • It seems like the Eagles are good enough to win games down the stretch but what’s the realistic ceiling for this team?
  • The Eagles’ aesthetic is not fun to watch.


  • Should the Eagles sign Jordan Howard to a contract extension? Will they? The answer doesn’t seem as simple as it ideally should be.
  • Which activities could Jimmy and BLG beat the Birds With Friends podcast in?
  • Did Jimmy ultimately win his feud with Matt Barkley?
  • Is there any reason to think the Eagles could be any better than they are right now?
  • How can the Eagles get out of Alshon Jeffery’s contract?
  • Should the Eagles move on from Sidney Jones?
  • What’s your go to Wawa order for a meal?


  • Jimmy and BLG react live to Sendejo getting cut
  • NFL pick against the spread: Vikings at Cowboys (-3)
  • Final thoughts and more

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Up next: Stay tuned for more Eagles bye week content.

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