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FINAL SCORE: Eagles beat Bears, 22 to 14

Wasn’t pretty but they got it done.

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are 5-4 after defeating the Chicago Bears in Week 9! Final score: 22 to 14.

It wasn’t a pretty game for the Eagles but it was one they needed to win and they did. So, they’ll take it.

Read on for a recap.


Coin toss: Eagles win the toss and elect to defer. Bears will receive. Doug Pederson going back to his previous preference after opting to take the ball first in Dallas.

Bears 1st drive: Timmy Jernigan officially makes his first start at defensive tackle since Week 2. Fletcher Cox helps to blow up a run play to bring up 3rd-and-9. Mitchell Trubisky’s third down pass sails wide of an open Allen Robinson and the Bears are three-and-out. Lol, Trubisky’s so bad.

Eagles 1st drive: Carson Wentz’s first target is intended for DeSean Jackson, who is hit before the ball arrives. Pass interference penalty gives the Eagles a first down. Jordan Howard has a huge hole to run through and picks up 12 yards. Wentz rolls left and makes a tight window throw to a diving Nelson Agholor. Hey, a tough catch! Eagles move to 3rd-and-2 from the Bears’ 40-yard line and Wentz’s throw for Agholor is too high and out of bounds. Doug Pederson keeps the offense on the field and Wentz hits a wide open Zach Ertz for the first down. Boom. Howard breaks off another big run but Jason Kelce is flagged for holding. Miles Sanders picks up 19 yards on a screen and the Eagles are already back at 2nd-and-1. Sanders takes a carry and weaves through the defense to the 5-yard line. Sanders is looking real elusive early on. Howard takes the ball to the 3-yard line. No one’s open on second down with Wentz rolling right and that brings up 3rd-and-goal. On third down, Wentz is coverage sacked. Jake Elliott comes in for the 28-yard field goal and makes it. Disappointing to only come away with three on that drive. EAGLES 3, BEARS 0.

Bears 2nd drive: Brandon Graham sacks Trubisky. Tarik Cohen drops a short pass. The Bears are facing 3rd-and-14 and Trubisky checks it down way short of the sticks. Second straight three-and-out forced by the Eagles’ defense. Nice job by Jim Schwartz’s unit.

Eagles 2nd drive: DeSean not on the field at the start of this drive. Howard run and an Alshon Jeffery completion lead to an Eagles first down. Bears offside penalty and a Howard reception go for another first down. Another Bears offside and a Wentz pass to Ertz lead to a third first down. Sanders runs twice to bring up 3rd-and-1. Bears take their first timeout. Nice play call from Pederson as the Eagles fake a run and throw to a wide open Ertz, who actually breaks a tackle! Eagles have 1st-and-10 from the Bears’ 15-yard line. Howard runs it to the 12-yard line to bring up the end of the first quarter.


Eagles 2nd drive (continued): Wentz is sacked for no loss to bring up 3rd-and-7. Bears have ANOTHER neutral zone infraction to set up 3rd-and-2 from the 7-yard line. Eagles attempt a quick screen to Sanders but it’s sniffed out for a 3-yard loss. Eagles drive stalls in the red zone for the second time in a row. The Bears have a good red zone defense but c’mon. Gotta do better. Elliott makes another 28-yard field goal. EAGLES 6, BEARS 0.

Bears 3rd drive: Bears holding penalty knocks Chicago back to 1st-and-20 from their own 15-yard line. Bears get to 3rd-and-8 from their own 27-yard line. Derek Barnett goes to jump on Trubisky in the pocket but the quarterback escapes ... before then being sacked by Josh Sweat. Trubisky just ran into the Eagles defender. I’m beginning to think he’s not very good! Bears punt.

Eagles 3rd drive: Jackson is back on the Eagles’ sideline after spending some time in the locker room. Not coming back into the game. Wentz completes another pass to Ertz over the middle for another first down. Wentz targets an open Jeffery down the right sideline but the ball is too far out in front and out of bounds. Wentz leaving some plays on the field here. Eagles get to 4th-and-1 from the Bears’ 38-yard line. Eagles take their first timeout before going for it. Wentz’s throw for ... Mack Hollins?! ... is high and incomplete. Not great. The Eagles get bailed out with a roughing the passer penalty on the Bears with Wentz getting hit late from behind. Fortunate. Wentz hits Ertz over the middle for a touchdown! Kyle Fuller wanted an offensive pass interference penalty on Ertz for pushing off but there’s no call. First touchdown the Bears have allowed from outside the red zone all year. Elliott misses the extra point, which is his second missed kick in the past two games. He was perfect this season going into Week 8. EAGLES 12, BEARS 0.

Bears 4th drive: Alex Singleton puts a big special teams hit on kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson as the Bears take over at their own 20-yard line. Trubisky FINALLY completes a pass down the field ... but Allen Robinson can’t get both feet in. Woof. Bears have to punt for the billionth time.

Eagles 4th drive: Sanders has an explosive run called back due to holding on Hollins. Thanks for contributing nothing good to this team, Mack. Howard is tackled for a loss to bring up 3rd-and-23. Jeffery drops Wentz’s third down pass and the Eagles punt for the first time all day. Wouldn’t have been a first down even if caught but, still, make the catch.

Bears 5th drive: Trubisky laughably overthrows Trey Burton in what is almost a near-pick. On 3rd-and-10, Schwartz brings the blitz and Trubisky is sacked by ... new Eagles pass rusher Genard Avery! And basically the rest of the defense too. Another Bears drive, another Bears punt.

Eagles 5th drive: Eagles take over at their own 35-yard line with 2:00 left in the second quarter and two timeouts to work with. Darren Sproles logs a 2-yard reception and a 4-yard carry to bring up 3rd-and-4. On third down, Sproles can’t handle Wentz’s pass and it’s incomplete. Three straight plays to Sproles, huh? Not ideal.

Bears 6th drive: Bears take over at their own 8-yard line with 1:07 remaining. Trubisky runs for a first down and Andrew Sendejo is flagged for hitting the quarterback late on the slide. Really dumb penalty by a guy who’s potentially costing the Eagles a fourth-round compensatory pick in 2020. Bears get out to 3rd-and-4 from their own 41-yard line, their best drive of the day! Trubisky’s pass is high and defended by Rodney McLeod. Bears have to punt again.

Eagles 6th drive: Eagles take over at their own 13-yard line with 0:27 remaining. Wentz runs for an 8-yard gain. Then he chucks it deep to Agholor and it’s incomplete. Really should have been offensive pass interference but no call. Wentz to Jeffery for another first down. Then a quick to throw to Dallas Goedert to bring the Eagles to the 35-yard line with 0:05 left. Sproles take a carry to end the first half. Weird drive!


Eagles 7th drive: Eagles take over at their own 16-yard line. Eagles pick up a first down and then another with a 17-yard Howard run. Philly’s offensive line just imposing their will once again. Wentz completes to Goedert to bring up 3rd-and-6 from their own 48-yard line. Wentz completes to Ertz for a first down. Wentz completes to Ertz despite a defender in his face and Ertz runs for a first down in addition to being hit late out of bounds. Penalty puts the Eagles at the Bears’ 13-yard line and Howard runs up the gut as the red sea parts for a very easy touchdown. The Bears sure aren’t showing much resistance. Elliott makes the PAT kick this time. Eagles 19, Bears 0.

Bears 7th drive: Whoa! The Bears break out a deep shot and Trubisky completes it to Taylor Gabriel for 53 yards. Looked like Malcolm Jenkins was responsible there? Bears get to 3rd-and-goal from the 1-yard line. David Montgomery punches it in and the shutout is ruined. Dang. EAGLES 19, BEARS 7.

Eagles 8th drive: Still plenty of time left in this game so the Eagles gotta do something here. Eagles get to 3rd-and-1 and Wentz sneaks for the first down. Wentz attempts a pass down the field and Agholor drops it and/or can’t track it. Feels like there’s no chance of him ever making a contested catch. Wentz evades a defender and fires a pass to Ertz, who is contacted before the ball arrives but there’s no flag. Pederson takes a timeout. Wentz’s third down pass for Jeffery is ... dropped. Boy, these receivers sure aren’t good at all!

Bears 8th drive: Bears get to 3rd-and-5 and Rasul Douglas deflects the pass. The Bears punt on the Eagles’ 43-yard line because Matt Nagy is a coward.

Eagles 9th drive: Wentz’s pass to Ertz is a little too wide. Between Wentz missing throws and Wentz’s receivers dropping passes ... this passing game is a chore to watch. Wentz has a ton of time to throw on third down but he’s sacked.

Bears 9th drive: Trubisky airs it out deep and Jalen Mills breaks up the contested catch attempt. Nice play. On third down, Trubisky completes a pass for a first down into Eagles territory. End of the third.


Bears 9th drive (continud): The Bears move into the red zone after Montgomery is left incredible WIDE OPEN over the middle of the field. What’s going on with this defense? The Bears pitch to Cohen and takes the toss eight yards for a touchdown. Upon further review, Cohen is down before the goal line and the Bears have 1st-and-goal from the 1-yard line. It’s a one score game. EAGLES 19, BEARS 14.

Eagles 10th drive: Eagles pick up a first down. Then they get knocked back to 3rd-and-11. On third down, Wentz throws to Jeffery … who drops his THIRD pass of the game. Would’ve been a first down at least. Terrible Alshon game.

Bears 10th drive: Montgomery breaks a big run as the Bears move to midfield. Bears get to 3rd-and-9 and Trubisky’s pass is knocked down by Avonte Maddox. Crucial stop.

Eagles 11th drive: Sproles muffs the punt return but it goes out of bounds. Eagles get to 3rd-and-3 from their own 18-yard line and Wentz completes a ball to Jeffery, who earns some redemption with a contested catch. Nice play. Eagles get to 3rd-and-8 and Lane Johnson false starts to bring up 3rd-and-13. Meanwhile, Jeffery is getting evaluated for injury. On third down, Wentz completes a short pass to Sanders for a first down on a catch-and-run. Sanders is always good for at least one crucial play in the passing game, huh? Wentz runs to bring up 3rd-and-3 from the Bears’ 49-yard line. Wentz’s third down RPO pass for Ertz is completed for the first down. Big pickup. Eagles run the ball with Howard and the Bears take their second timeout with 2:55 left in the game. Howard runs again to bring up 3rd-and-9. On third down, Wentz throws a screen to Goedert for a first down. Another great play design. Bears take their final timeout with 2:15 remaining. Eagles get to 3rd-and-5 from the Bears’ 23-yard line with the clock ticking. Eagles take a timeout with 0:29 remaining and send Elliott in for the field goal. He makes it with 0:25 remaining. EAGLES 22, BEARS 14.

Bears 10th drive: The Bears muff the kickoff return and Duke Riley recovers. That’s game!

Eagles 12th drive: Victory formation.

FINAL SCORE: 22 to 14, Eagles win.



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