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There’s nothing more miserable than a rainy afternoon at the Linc

From the Bleachers Episode #6

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Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Sunday was one of the worst Eagles games I’ve attended. I was woefully ill-prepared for the weather. Within an hour of tailgating the game out in the Jetro Lot, I needed to take a quick Uber home to my section of South Philly and bundle up. I was planning on it being more rainy that it was cold, but the opposite was true. I may have confused myself considering that the Eagles were playing Seattle.

Anyway, the weather alone isn’t why Sunday leaps onto my Mount Rushmore of terrible Eagles game I’ve seen in person, hell, that was all the fun of the Snow Bowl against the Lions back in 2013. The game itself was agonizing. Could you imagine if they didn’t flex the game out of the Sunday Night Football slot? It would’ve been cruel to subject the football world to that. The Eagles offense is as frustrating currently as it was at the tail end of the Chip Kelly. The receivers are bad, if not worse, than the sorry collection of wideouts Carson Wentz was dealing with back in his rookie season. I haven’t been this despondent about the Birds since Kelly himself was turning the franchise into a black hole.

Despite it all... they’re probably going to end up playing for the division title in Week 16. I don’t get it. It doesn’t make any sense. I’ve been pulling my hair out all season. I’m going grey at the temples. The organization, from the front office to the coaching staff to the players, are a cohesive force only in the way that ruin my week every other Sunday. They’re infuriating. I am erratic by nature and the Philadelphia Eagles do me no favors, as my own constant at times is their own instability.

I couldn’t be more unhappy about the team, but I know in about a month, they’re likely going to be 8-6 with a game against Dallas at home deciding it all. I will be in the parking lot tailgating (come through! email me: shamusjclancy at gmail dot com) and I will be never more sure of anything in the world than the fact that the Eagles are going to win the division.

In the latest episode of From the Bleachers, I give Nelson Agholor a quick apology, chronicle Sunday’s wet, cold disaster, give an old man take and prepare myself for the inevitability that the Birds are going to pull me right back into their trap over the next three weeks. I appreciate everyone who listens to what I have to say about the Birds and here’s to hoping I’m back on the bandwagon next week after a beat down in South Beach.

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