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FINAL SCORE: Carson Wentz mightily struggles in Eagles’ loss to Seahawks, 17 to 9


Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are 5-6 after being defeated by the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Final score: 17 to 9.

Just a horrible game from Carson Wentz. He obviously didn’t have much help, per usual, but he was brutally bad regardless. Inaccurate, indecisive ... you name it. One of the worst games of his career.

Read on for a recap (or don’t).


Coin toss: Seahawks win the toss, elect to defer. Eagles offense up first.

Eagles 1st drive: Boston Scott takes the opening kickoff 26 yards to the Eagles’ 37-yard line. Decent starting position for an undermanned offense. Miles Sanders takes the first carry and it’s a 2-yard gain to the left, away from Andre Dillard’s side. Carson Wentz’s first attempt is complete for a 2-yard gain. Wentz’s third down pass is behind Zach Ertz and the tipped ball is almost picked off but it’s incomplete. Who could’ve seen a three-and-out coming?!

Seahawks 1st drive: The Eagles get to 3rd-and-9 and Josh Sweat sacks Russell Wilson thanks to pressure from Fletcher Cox. Nice start by Jim Schwartz’s defense, which continues to play well.

Eagles 2nd drive: Michael Dickson’s punt is shanked for a mere 27-yard change in field position. Greg Ward — not Boston Scott — was lined up for the return. The Eagles take over as the Seahawks’ 43-yard line. Wentz runs for seven yards. Then Sanders runs for two to bring up 3rd-and-1. Jay Ajayi (!) takes the third down carry for six yards and a first down. Welcome back, Jay Train. Eagles get to the 20-yard line with a Seahawks penalty. Wentz targets Ward and his first career reception is good for nine yards. The Lincoln Financial Field crowd loves it. Eagles get to 3rd-and-9 and Wentz just absolutely sails a pass for Sanders. Terrible overthrow. Jake Elliott makes the short field goal, he’s up to 14/14 on the season. EAGLES 3, SEAHAWKS 0.

Seahawks 2nd drive: The Seahawks move into Eagles territory thanks to some nice throws from Russell Wilson, including a completion to DK Metcalf. (Should of drafted!) Wilson then throws a deep touchdown to Malik Turner on a pass back from the running back. Eagles get beat by a trick play for the second straight week. There goes the lead. EAGLES 3, SEAHAWKS 7.

Eagles 3rd drive: Brandon Brooks is slowly walking to the tunnel as Halapoulivaati Vaitai comes in to play right guard. Wentz goes to Ward on third down and he catches it (!) for a first down. I’ve already seen enough to know he’s better than Agholor. Wentz is strip-sacked as pressure gets to him and the Seahawks recover. Second straight game with Wentz losing a fumble. This offense is abhorrent.

Seahawks 3rd drive: Nathan Gerry gets beat up the seam but fortunately recovers in time to break up the pass. Wilson has to throw the ball away on third down. Seahawks punt.

Eagles 4th drive: Eagles take over at their own 1-yard line as Ward opts not to field the punt. Seahawks penalty puts the Eagles at the 6-yard line. Ajayi runs for no gain. Ward completes another pass to Ward for a first down. Automatic, baby! Wentz makes a nice tight window throw to Zach Ertz, who draws a penalty for an additional 15 yards. Bad Wentz then returns by overthrowing Sanders on a screen pass. What’s the deal, Carson? Get it together dude. Ajayi runs 11 yards for a first down to bring up the end of the first quarter.


Eagles 4th drive (continued): Wentz fumbles again as Dillard is driven back into him but it’s wiped out by a defensive holding on the Seahawks. Fortunate. Wentz hits Ertz for another first down and the ball is at the Seahawks’ 33-yard line. Wentz looks for Ertz again and he’s picked off. Just a terrible start for the Eagles’ starting quarterback.

Seahawks 4th drive: Seahawks get to 3rd-and-6 and Wilson throws a dime down the sideline for a 31-yard gain. He’s not bad. Seahawks get to 3rd-and-7 and Wilson completes to Josh Gordon — whom Howie Roseman opted not to claim off waivers — for another first down. Rashaad Penny takes a carry and the Seahawks are suddenly at the 9-yard line. Wilson has the space to run in for a touchdown, opts to throw instead, and overthrows his WIDE OPEN tight end by a big margin. More like Russell Wentz. Eagles very lucky to have the Seahawks only come away with three points on a Jason Myers field goal. EAGLES 3, SEAHAWKS 10.

Eagles 5th drive: Fans at The Linc are booing as the offense comes back on the field. Wentz completes to Jordan Matthews for nine yards. Then Ajayi runs for a 3-yard loss, great. The Eagles get to 3rd-and-4 and Wentz is sacked and fumbles AGAIN but recovers it. More boos. Punt. Fire this offense into the sun.

Seahawks 5th drive: Malcolm Jenkins sacks Wilson to bring up 3rd-and-13. Wilson tries to run but he’s stopped by Rodney McLeod for another sack. At least the defense decided to show up.

Eagles 6th drive: The Eagles get to 3rd-and-5 from their own 20-yard line at the 2:00 minute warning. Wentz’s third down throw for Ward is off target and incomplete. Wentz can’t do anything well right now. Punt

Seahawks 6th drive: Seattle takes over at their own 43-yard line with 1:50 left in the first half. Metcalf drops a touchdown pass from Wilson. Another fortunate moment for the Eagles’ defense. Seahawks have to punt. For some reason, the Eagles inexplicably take their first timeout with the clock already stopped. Why?

Eagles 7th drive: Eagles take over at their own 13-yard line with 0:55 on the clock and two timeouts. Wentz completes to Dallas Goedert for a 3-yard gain that takes 12 seconds off the clock, great. The Seahawks have to take a timeout due to injury. Wentz takes a 7-yard sack and the clock is down to 0:33 as the Seahawks take their final timeout. On 3rd-and-14, Doug Pederson runs a coward’s draw and the clock runs out on the first half. What a shit show.



Seahawks 7th drive: The Seahawks get into 3rd-and-6 and then a false start knocks them back to 3rd-and-11. Wilson throws deep to Metcalf, who drops another pass. Howie Roseman clearly knew what he was doing when he passed on Metcalf for JJ Arcega-Whiteside!

Eagles 8th drive: Halapoulivaati Vaitai is in at right tackle, Dillard has been benched. Matt Pryor is in at right guard with Brooks still out. The Eagles pick up a first down with two straight Sanders runs. Wentz to Ertz over to the middle goes for seven yards. Ajayi runs for a yard and it’s 3rd-and-2. Wentz shovel pass to Goedert is good for a first down. Eagles get to 3rd-and-8 and Wentz throws a strike to JJAW for the first down. The crowd here at the Linc is celebrating first downs like touchdowns and I don’t blame them. Matthews drops a pass to bring up 3rd-and-3 from the Seahawks’ 38-yard line. The Eagles’ third down play consists of ... Wentz running right into his back as he tries to hand it off?! What was that play call?! The Seahawks recover and gain 20 yards on the return. This offense, as a concept, needs to DIAF.

Seahawks 8th drive: On 3rd-and-15, the Seahawks get called for tripping. It’s now 3rd-and-25 from the Seahawks’ 47-yard line. Wilson’s third down throw is ... tipped by Ronald Darby and picked off by Rodney McLeod! That’s Wilson first turnover in four career games against the Eagles. Once again, at least the defense came to play.

Eagles 9th drive: The Eagles take over at their own 33-yard line. Sanders weaves through traffic to pick up a first down. Eagles pick up another first down on a flip toss to Ward. Ajayi breaks off a run but it’s called back due to holding on Pryor. Can the Eagles overcome being set back? Wentz’s screen pass for Goedert goes for a 4-yard loss with the Seahawks ready for the play. Wentz’s pass on 3rd-and-15 is tipped and incomplete. Another punt.

Seahawks 9th drive: Wentz pays a visit to the medical tent before running into the tunnel. The Seahawks run the ball to end the third quarter.


Seahawks 9th drive (continued): Seahawks get to 3rd-and-1 but Chris Carson picks up the first down on the ground. Gerry and Jenkins combine to sack Wilson to bring up 3rd-and-12 from the Seahawks’ own 25-yard line. Wilson’s third down throw is incomplete but Jalen Mills is flagged for defensive holding. Automatic first down. Rasul Douglas whiffs badly on a Carson run to allow a 21-yard gain. Yeesh. Penny breaks off a big run up the middle and Darby actually catches up to him but the corner just bounces off as the Seahawks running back gets into the end zone on a 58-yard touchdown run. That’s game.

Eagles 10th drive: Wentz is in after getting looked at. He completes a pass to Goedert for a first down but the tight end fumbles and the Seahawks recover. Because of course.

Seahawks 10th drive: Carson fumbles but the Seahawks recover. Carson fumbles again on a botched exchange and the Eagles actually recover this time!

Eagles 11th drive: Eagles take over at the Seahawks’ 31-yard line. Wentz runs twice to bring up 3rd-and-1. Wentz hands off to Sanders and it’s stopped for a 1-yard loss. Lol. The Eagles go for it on fourth down, obviously, and Wentz’s throw for JJAW is incomplete. Why would you have expected anything different? Pass wasn’t perfect but the ball went through the receiver’s hands.

Seahawks 11th drive: On 3rd-and-2, Wilson airs it out for Tyler Lockett, who beats Mills deep down the field. For some reason, the Eagles challenge for offensive pass interference despite the fact there was a defensive holding penalty that was declined on the play. It’s predictably unsuccessful. Wilson is sacked by Graham and Jenkins to force a Seahawks punt.

Eagles 12th drive: Eagles start at their own 2-yard line. Wentz completes to Ertz for a first down. Ertz makes a real impressive one-handed catch along the sideline for another first. Best catch by an Eagles pass catcher this season, of course it happened in garbage time. Wentz to ... you guessed it ... Ertz for yet another first down. Wentz to Ertz for the fourth time in a row leads to another first down. Wentz targets JMatt but it’s easily picked off. What a horrible game by Wentz.

Seahawks 12th drive: The Seahawks run some clock and punt.

Eagles 13th drive: Eagles drive into scoring territory in part due to a nice catch along the sideline from JJAW. Can the Eagles get some garbage time points?! Yes! Wentz’s pass from the 2-yard line goes to Ertz for a touchdown. The Eagles go for two and the exchange between Wentz and Sanders is botched. Lol. EAGLES 9, SEAHAWKS 17.

Seahawks 13th: The Eagles’ onside kick attempt is recovered by the Seahawks. Victory formation to mercifully end the game.

FINAL SCORE: 17 to 9, Eagles lose



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