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Eagles fan confidence hits second lowest point of the season ahead of Seahawks game

FanPulse update.

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For the third week in a row, Philadelphia Eagles fan confidence has dropped. A look at the latest FanPulse results:

The Eagles’ confidence rating is currently 20%, which is good for the second lowest mark of the season. The absolute lowest point was after the Eagles’ Week 7 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

There’s just not much for Eagles fans to feel great about. The defense has looked better recently, which is nice, but watching this offense is straight up demoralizing. The Eagles could easily drop to 5-6 with the Seattle Seahawks coming to town this weekend.

Speaking of the enemy, Seahawks fans are unsurprisingly feeling much better about their 8-2 team.

The Seahawks are coming to Philly riding a three-game win streak. They beat the previously undefeated San Francisco 49ers on the road in Week 10 before enjoying a bye in Week 11. Seahawks fans have ample reason to feel good about their team when it’s being quarterbacked by the NFL’s leading MVP candidate in Russell Wilson.

Elsewhere in the NFC East, Dallas Cowboys fan confidence rebounded with last week’s win over the Detroit Lions:

The Eagles really need the Cowboys to lose to the New England Patriots this week. Dallas winning that game would cause Philly to lose the common games tiebreaker they currently have over the Cowboys. For whatever it’s worth, Pats fans aren’t very worried about New England’s Week 12 opponent.

New York Giants fan confidence saw a slight boost following their bye. The G-Men have a winnable game this week considering they’re facing Mitchell Trubisky.

You already know what Washington’s chart is going to look like. Remember that the Eagles get to play this team once more before the season is over.

This week’s national question asks: “Which quarterback will be the best in five years?” Carson Wentz wasn’t even included. Cool.


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