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Nelson Agholor can’t get out of his own way

From the Bleachers #5!

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New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

He was once a Super Bowl hero, so it’s odd that Nelson Agholor has fallen so far in the minds of Philadelphians. There was the old cliched “If you win us a Super Bowl, you’ll never pay for a drink in the this town again” line of thinking, one that I always subscribed to. I sold my soul for a Lombardi Trophy and the Eagles have been struck with perpetual bad luck ever since. No one is more emblematic of that than Agholor.

“Unlike Agholor” became an instant meme. His drop in Week 2 against the Falcons on Sunday Night Football would’ve capped a thrilling Eagles comeback. His drop on Sunday, a would-be tough catch that he should’ve nevertheless came up with, only magnified his constant struggles since that night in February 2018.

I can live with the drop. While Agholor’s comments after the Birds’ Week 1 win that he wasn’t getting the ball enough have taken a Cohen Brothers-esque dark comedic turn with his poor season, I get that he's human. I’ve cursed his name to the heavens and thrown my remote at my love seat several times this season because of his mishaps, but I’ve never been more angry than his fake injury after not catching that ball on the Eagles’ final drive on Sunday. What are you doing, man?

Asking for pity will get you nowhere. Again, you’re human. I get not catching the ball even though I was pissed, but grabbing your knee in “agony” so people wouldn’t clown you as hard? Come on, dude! Get with it! This look is 10000x worse. It’s insulting to the fan base. He should be embarrassed. I’m embarrassed. Just take it on the shoulder and move on.

Boston Scott displayed more self-awareness and accountability in a single tweet than Agholor has in his entire career:

On the latest episode of From the Bleachers, I walk you through the never-ending Nelson Agholor saga, bemoan the Eagles’ playoff hopes and unsuccessfully try to convince myself that the Eagles can finally beat Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. I appreciate you all listening and following along to my show. I hope I can help you laugh through the tears this dumpster fire of a season has brought us.

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