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Eagles players who need to step up the most after the bye

BGN Radio Episode 92!

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NFL: Super Bowl LII-Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In case you weren’t aware, the Philadelphia Eagles have a pretty big game against the New England Patriots this week.

In order to preview this Week 11 matchup and talk about the overall state of the Eagles, I got together with PhillyVoice’s Jimmy Kempski for the latest BGN Radio podcast. You can [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN] or stream our conversation below:

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  • What’s your confidence level in the team heading into their final seven games? Are you feeling better or worse about the Eagles after their bye?
  • To what extent are there legitimate reasons for optimism? And to what extent are people feeling better simply because we’re further removed from the Eagles’ struggles?
  • Jimmy says there’s “no excuse” for the Eagles not to win the NFC East.

“It’s all right in front of the Eagles to steal this division after a disappointing first half of the season. The Birds should be getting some players back from injury, and some others already playing through pain should be healing up. There’s no excuse not to get it done.”

  • The good news and bad news with injuries. It’s not just the players who’ve been on the injury report who could stand to benefit from the bye.
  • Takeaways from the Eagles’ assistant coach media session, including what to make of Carson Walch’s comments.
  • Snake drafting the players the Eagles need to step up the most down the stretch. Carson Wentz and Fletcher Cox are the obvious picks at the top of the order. Wentz might need to turn on God Mode (like he did against the Falcons) and drag the team to victory against all odds. Cox needs to be the All Pro version of himself. Who are the top picks after those two?


  • The Pats have had the second easiest schedule in the league.
  • Patriots offense vs. Eagles defense matchups: Best way to limit Tom Brady, Patriots offensive line vulnerability, Jim Schwartz’s troubling history against Bill Belichick.
  • Patriots defense vs. Eagles offense matchups: The importance of Carson Wentz’s ball security, the offensive player Belichick will be looking to take away (spoiler: not Nelson Agholor), another week of the Eagles establishing the run.
  • A Patriots special teams factor to keep in mind.


  • Cowboys (-4.5) at Lions ... and a story about Jeff Driskel
  • Jets at Washington (-1) ... Dwayne Haskins starting the rest of the year
  • Giants on the bye but some quick Daniel Jones thoughts
  • Patriots (-3.5) at Eagles
  • Final thoughts and more!

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Up next Stay tuned for more Eagles vs. Patriots preview coverage this week with The Kist and Solak Show and the Babes On Broad! Also don’t forget to check out the Eagles vs. Pats postgame show after Sunday’s game.

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