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Eagles undo Tuesday’s practice squad change

Huge implications for Sunday’s game. (Not really.)

NFL: MAY 10 Eagles Rookie Mini-Camp

Well, there goes the Philadelphia Eagles’ chances of beating the New England Patriots this weekend.

The Eagles have reversed Tuesday’s practice squad change of releasing tight end Scott Orndoff and signing former Patriots safety A.J. Howard, according to the NFL’s official transaction wire.

The Eagles curiously never announced the Howard signing and the Orndoff cut in the first place. But those moves did show up on Tuesday’s transaction wire. And I can prove it!

So, not sure what happened here. Maybe Howard failed a physical? Maybe the Eagles had a change of heart? Maybe the Patriots paid off Howard to not join the Eagles’ practice squad so he wouldn’t divulge all of New England’s secrets? I mean, you can’t totally put it past a team that’s previously been caught cheating?

In any case, Howard’s gone after the Eagles had some kind of chance (?) to pick his brain on the Patriots.

Moving on.

Current Eagles practice squad

TE Scott Orndoff

DT Bruce Hector

C Keegan Render

RB De’Angelo Henderson

WR Robert Davis

WR Greg Ward

QB Kyle Lauletta

WR Marcus Green

TE Joshua Perkins

OG Sua Opeta

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