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Eagles News: Saquon Barkley thinks the future is bright for Miles Sanders

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/10/19.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Saquon Barkley: Eagles rookie running back Miles Sanders is just getting started - Inquirer
“Miles Sanders is a great worker. He has a great work ethic. He’s always trying to find ways to improve his game.” Sanders wasn’t asked to pass-block much for the Nittany Lions, and he recorded only 24 catches for 139 yards in his final college season. But Barkley said their position coaches -- first Charles Huff and then Ja’Juan Seider last year, after Barkley had gone to the NFL -- preached the importance of versatility, and Sanders listened. “Everyone knows where the position of running back is going,” Barkley said. “You have to be able to catch the ball, block, run between and outside the tackles, just kind of be a do-it-all back. I think [Sanders] has been showing that so far, and I still think he has so much more to show, and he’s going to continue to get better as the season goes on.”

Eagles fan confidence drops despite second straight win - BGN
The Philadelphia Eagles are 5-4 after winning their second game in a row this past Sunday. Despite beating the Chicago Bears, however, Eagles fan confidence actually dropped from 54% to 46%.

’It was true when I played and it’s true today. Dallas sucks.’ -
Bradley watched the video with a huge smile on his face. He is 72 now, gray-haired but still wearing his cowboy boots and blue jeans to complement his Eagles Hall of Fame blazer. He was born in Texas and won the state championship in high school, starred at the University of Texas, and remains a legend there, but that counts for nothing when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. ”It was true when I played and it’s true today,” Bradley said. “Dallas sucks.” The audience roared.

3 stints in one place — Jordan Matthews isn’t alone - NBCSP
Jeremiah Trotter: Trott’s first stint with the Eagles lasted from 1998 through 2001 and earned him all-pro status in 2000 and his first two Pro Bowls. After two unhappy seasons with the Redskins, he returned triumphantly to the Eagles in 2004 and helped them reach their first Super Bowl since 1980. He earned Pro Bowl status twice more before leaving again after 2006. He returned one last time in for the 2009 stretch run. Trotter’s four Pro Bowls are 7th-most in franchise history for a defensive player

NFL Week 10 upset picks: How the Vikings can beat the Cowboys - ESPN+
There’s very little distance separating the No. 4 Cowboys from the No. 6 Vikings in the Football Outsiders DVOA ratings. But how the teams get there is very different. Dallas is the most efficient offense in the league this season, but last year’s top-10 defense has declined a bit and ranks only 16th. On the other hand, Minnesota might be the most balanced team in the league: The Vikings are seventh on both offense and defense. The offense ranks eighth both passing and running. The defense ranks ninth both against the pass and against the run. The Dallas defense is balanced too, but it’s balanced in mediocrity -- 17th against the pass and 15th against the run. That might sound odd if you look at the official NFL rankings, where the Cowboys rank fifth in points allowed and sixth in yards allowed. However, the Cowboys’ defense looks better in standard stats than it really has been, because Dallas has played the No. 30 schedule of opposing offenses so far this year. Only New England and Buffalo have had things easier on defense.

Week 10 Preview: Mahomes Is Back! (Unfortunately, So Is Giants-Jets) - MMQB
A good example of especially damaging turnovers is what’s going on with Daniel Jones, the Giants quarterback who you might know better as “Danny Dimes,” the nickname he earned as a teenage street tough in Charlotte known for smashing open pay phones and re-selling the coins on the black market (eight cents for a 10-cent piece) so they couldn’t be traced back to him. Jones’s throws have, frankly, come with an appropriate amount of recklessness. Young quarterbacks should err toward aggressiveness when testing windows at the NFL level, especially when they are part of a rebuilding team. It’s a way of measuring what you can get away with. However, Jones’s inability to—literally—hold on to the ball is becoming an issue. To back up for a second: One of Jones’s best attributes is a willingness hang in a muddy pocket with eyes up until the very last moment. It maximizes play designs and puts enormous stress on a defense, especially important for a guy with relatively ordinary arm talent. But, because of his habit of extending plays within the pocket, Jones is susceptible to getting stripped. He has lost a whopping seven fumbles over his seven starts.

Somebody thinks the Redskins are the best team in the NFC East! - Hogs Haven
I’m not shocked by the Cowboys edging out the Eagles in this poll. I am surprised that the Giants appear to have garnered enough votes to register a few percentage points. What really shocks me, though, is the sliver of color next to Washington on the results chart. Who voted for the Redskins as the best team in the division?

Week 10 NFL Preview: We Finally Get a Great Monday Night Game - The Ringer
Secretly, these are two of the best offenses in football. The Cowboys have the most efficient offense in football in yards per play (6.7) and per Football Outsiders (no. 1 in DVOA). Since Week 5, Kirk Cousins is second in passing yards (1,481) and touchdowns (13) and first in passer rating (127.1), yards per pass attempt (9.6), and adjusted yards per attempt (11.0) among quarterbacks who have started more than one game. Relatedly, the Vikings have the second-most points in that span and the third-best point differential after the 49ers and Patriots. Nobody ever counted Kirk Cousins vs. Dak Prescott as exciting, but Sunday Night Football could change our minds.

Ask a former NFL player: Is it already time for the Jets to draft a new quarterback? - SB Nation
Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz breaks down a myth about pass protection, and shows why Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky made a huge mistake on a sack play.


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