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Reliving the night of 38-7 before the Eagles take on the Vikings

From the Bleachers Episode #1!

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NFL: NFC Championship-Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Do you remember where you were on the night of January 21, 2018?

I certainly do. Sitting in the top section of Lincoln Financial Field with my German Shepherd mask on, I watched the best sporting event I’ve ever seen in person. After a quick 7-0 deficit that felt like every monumental Eagles game of my lifetime, Patrick Robinson changed everything and rocked the stadium like no one before or since. Nick Foles reached an another state of being and launched an array of gutsy passes all over the field.


Eagles fans know exactly what that means. It’s burned in our brains and will be until the end of time. Simply tweeting that at the Vikings’ official Twitter account is an undefeated troll move and I can’t wait to do it all week. Ain’t this what we’ve been waiting for?

In the debut episode of my new Bleeding Green Nation Radio show From the Bleachers, I take a look back at the iconic 2017 NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings ahead of the two teams’ matchup on Sunday. I’m stoked to be a part of the best collection of Eagles podcasts around town and I hope I can give a voice to some of the more emotional, outrageous and sincere aspects that come with dedicating your life to the Birds.

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