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Eagles vs. Jets final score: Philadelphia’s defense dominates New York, 31-6

Welcome back, pass rush.

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are 3-2 after blowing out the New York Jets on Sunday afternoon. Final score: 31 to 6. The defense simply dominated with TEN sacks and two defensive touchdowns.

Read on for a recap!


Coin toss: Eagles win the toss and elect to defer. Jets offense up first.

Jets 1st drive: Rasul Douglas and Craig James (!) get the start at cornerback. No Sidney Jones. The Jets run twice with Le’Veon Bell (lol, why?) to bring up 3rd-and-9. Orlando Scandrick now in at nickel cornerback. Brandon Graham sacks Luke Falk and it’s a three-and-out. Good start by Jim Schwartz’s defense.

Eagles 1st drive: Miles Sanders runs for a 1-yard loss. Carson Wentz’s first pass attempt is knocked down but the Jets are offside. Sproles runs to bring up 3rd-and-1. Jordan Howard goes up the gut for 15 yards. Howard just looks so effective in this offense. Carson Wentz dodges multiple pass rushers and runs to bring up 3rd-and-5 from the Jets’ 19-yard line. The offensive line gives Wentz all day to throw and he hits an open Alshon Jeffery to set up 1st-and-goal from the 6-yard line. Jason Kelce snaps the ball over Wentz’s head and he picks it up and manages to throw at Mack Hollins’ feet for an incompletion. Boy, that could’ve been a lot worse! Great play by Wentz to avoid making that a 20-yard loss. The Eagles bring in two extra offensive linemen and use Dallas Goedert as a fullback on Howard’s third down run for a touchdown. Boom. Great start. First time the Eagles have scored a touchdown on their first possession this season. It only took playing the Jets. EAGLES 7, JETS 0.

Jets 2nd drive: Craig James whiffs on a tackle to allow the Jets to get a first down. The Jets throw James’ way again and he’s flagged for defensive holding. Jets get to 3rd-and-1 and Le’Veon Bell is stopped in the backfield for a 1-yard loss. Adam Gase keeps the Jets on the field to go for it from 4th-and-2. Falk’s pass is ... intercepted by Nathan Gerry, who takes it into the end zone for the pick six! The Jets are making this too easy for the Eagles. Derek Barnett flagged for unnecessary roughness on the return. Barnett’s really gotta start playing smarter. EAGLES 14, JETS 0.

Jets 3rd drive: Jets start out at their own 39-yard line in part due to Barnett’s penalty. Scandrick hits Falk as he throws to cause a fumble that brings up 3rd-and-18. Jets end up having to punt.

Eagles 2nd drive: Eagles take over at their own 12-yard line. Wentz throws a dime to Sanders on a wheel route for a 36-yard gain. Beauty. Wentz to Goedert over the middle and the Eagles are suddenly in Jets territory. On 3rd-and-5 from the Jets’ 36-yard line, Wentz throws to Sproles but the running back drops it. Throw was a little high but entirely catchable as it went through Sproles’ hands. Doug Pederson goes for it on fourth down but Wentz is hit as he’s throwing and it’s incomplete. Eagles offensive line failed to pick up on a Jets twist. Turnover on downs.

Jets 4th drive: Jets get to 2nd-and-7 from their own 40-yard line at the end of the first quarter.


Jets 4th drive (continued): Jets get to 3rd-and-4 from the Eagles’ 38-yard line. Rasul Douglas breaks up Falk’s throw to bring up fourth down. Gase laughably sends in Sam Ficken for a 55-yard field goal try. Then they have to burn a timeout because they’re not lined up properly. The kick is ... not even close to being good. Real ugly. Ladies and gentleman, the Jets!

Eagles 3rd drive: Sanders has a run called back on a Lane Johnson holding penalty. Wentz’s throw to Zach Ertz is a little wide and Ertz can only get one hand on it before it falls incomplete. Eagles get to 3rd-and-13 and Wentz’s throw to Ertz is short of the sticks. Eagles punt from the 50-yard line. Why? Just go for it again, Doug.

Jets 5th drive: Cameron Johnston punts 41 yards to have the Jets take over at their own 9-yard line. Kamu Grugier-Hill makes a nice tackle for loss on a Bell rushing attempt. Jets get knocked back to 3rd-and-15 from their own 4-yard line. Delay of game makes it 3rd-and-17 from the 2-yard line. Falk’s pass is out of bounds and the Jets have to punt.

Eagles 4th drive: Eagles take over at their own 42-yard line. Offense needs to wake up and make this a three possession game. Not to mention cover the spread. Wentz looks to go deep but takes a big sack instead. Howard runs for two yards to bring up 3rd-and-16. Wentz goes deep to Nelson Agholor and it’s just overthrown. Looked like Agholor didn’t track that very well. Agholor calls for a flag after getting contacted on his deep route and Doug Pederson throws the challenge flag for pass interference. The ruling on the field stands. Agholor definitely got bumped ... but it would’ve been defensive holding — and not DPI — since Wentz still had the ball. Eagles have to punt.

Jets 6th drive: Nice punt from Johnston pins the Jets at their own 4-yard line. Nothing going for New York as Graham picks up his second sack on the day. Three-and-out.

Eagles 5th drive: Eagles take over at the Jets’ 49-yard line. Really need to get points here. Sproles gets called for an illegal chop block to set the Eagles back to 2nd-and-25 from their own 36-yard line. Can this team stop being so dumb? Nope! Jason Peters flagged for being an ineligible player down field on a screen to Goedert. Eagles backed up to 2nd-and-30 from their own 21-yard line. Wentz escapes pressure and throws incomplete to bring up 3rd-and-30. Sproles loses two yards on a third down carry and Eagles fans at the Linc are booing. Punt. Offense has been pretty lame today outside of their first drive.

Jets 7th drive: Douglas breaks up another pass to bring up 3rd-and-10, active day for Rasul. Falk’s third down pass is high and picked off by Rodney McLeod. McLeod picks up 23 yards on the return.

Eagles 6th drive: Eagles take over at the Jets’ 42-yard line. Can the offense FINALLY get some more points?! Eagles move to 1st-and-10 at the 30-yard line. Illegal hands to the face makes it 1st-and-10 from the 25-yard line with 1:15 remaining in the first half. Wentz to Sanders brings the Eagles to the 14-yard line, Eagles call their second timeout with 0:43 remaining. Time to get a touchdown here. Wentz throws to Ertz on a slant for a touchdown. There it is. Who would’ve guessed it would take until Week 5 for Ertz’s first score of the season? EAGLES 21, JETS 0.

Jets 8th drive: Jets take over at their own 25-yard line and run the ball with Bell once to end the first half.


Eagles 7th drive: Sanders — not Corey Clement — is still back as the the Eagles’ kick returner. Looks like Clement lost his job there. Wentz’s second down pass is deflected and the Eagles are fortunate to see the ball incomplete instead of picked. Wentz ducks under an oncoming rusher and fires a strike down the field to Ertz for a chunk gain. Great play.

Wentz’s throw to Goedert on 3rd-and-1 is knocked down by Jamal Adams. Pederson has the Eagles go for it and Wentz’s sneak is ... no good ... for the first time this year. Wow. Turnover on downs. Bad spot there?

Jets 9th drive: Jets get to 3rd-and-8 from the Eagles’ 47-yard line. Graham picks up third sack of the day and the Jets have to punt. Reminder: the Eagles only had three TEAM sacks heading into today’s game.

Eagles 8th drive: Holding on Brandon Brooks knocks the Eagles back to their own 7-yard line. Isaac Seumalo leaves the game and Halapoulivaati Vaitai is in at left guard. Wentz throws through a tight window to Ertz to bring up 3rd-and-4. Wentz hits Agholor for a first down, who then fumbles the ball ... out of bounds, fortunately. Agholor fails to track the ball in the air on another Wentz pass but the Eagles pick up a first on a defensive holding penalty anyway. Howard breaks some chunk runs up the middle to move the Eagles into the red zone. Injury update: Sproles is questionable to return with a quad injury. Wentz’s third down pass for Sanders is high and not caught. Eagles have to settle for a short Jake Elliott field goal attempt. Touchdown obviously would’ve been preferable but at least the Eagles killed some clock en route to a score. EAGLES 24, JETS 0.


Jets 10th drive: The Jets have to punt but Corey Clement muffs the punt return. Seems like Clement thought it touched Ryan Lewis’ foot and he had to try to get the muffed ball. In any case, Jets recover and then score a touchdown on a jet sweep. Welp, there goes the shutout. New York goes for two but doesn’t get it. EAGLES 24, JETS 6.

Eagles 9th drive: Eagles get to 3rd-and-13 from their own 34-yard line. False start on Johnson makes it 3rd-and-18. Wentz checks down to Sanders and the Eagles punt.

Jets 11th drive: Jets take over at their own 11-yard line wth 12:13 left in the game. McLeod fails to bring Falk down for a sack on 3rd-and-1 and the Jets quarterback throws for a first down. Jets get out to their 44-yard line with a Bell run. Vinny Curry pressures Falk into an incompletion. Jets get to 3rd-and-3 from the Eagles’ 49-yard line ... and Falk hits an open Bell for a first down. Hassan Ridgeway (!) comes up with a big sack for a loss of eight. Then it’s Orlando Scandrick (!!!) who just rips the ball out of Falk’s hands and takes the ball to the end zone for a touchdown! Not bad for his Eagles debut, huh? EAGLES 31, JETS 6.

Jets 12th drive: Daeshon Hall gets in on the action with a sack of his own! And then Josh Sweat gets one! This Eagles defense is just feasting right now. That’s NINE sacks today. Whew.

Eagles 10th drive: Josh McCown is in for Wentz with 5:17 remaining in the game. Time to kill some clock and get out of here. Seumalo also back in the game. Eagles run the ball with Howard before having to punt.

Jets 13th drive: Jets take over with 2:57 remaining. David Fales is in for Falk. Barnett picks up a sack to make it 10 for the Eagles. Why not?

Eagles 11th drive: Victory formation to run the clock out. Game.

FINAL SCORE: 31 to 6

Wasn’t the Eagles’ sharpest effort ever but it was a pretty decisive win. They’ll take it.



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