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Eagles vs. Jets Week 5 game preview and predictions

How are you feeling?

Philadelphia Eagles v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

I’ve seen WAY too much cowardice from Philadelphia Eagles fans this week.

“This is a trap game!”

“It doesn’t matter if Sam Darnold is out, Luke Falk is going to torch this secondary.”

“As Philly fans, we’ve been bred to expect disappointment.”

“BGN is jinxing the Eagles by writing about how bad the Jets are.”

Get that weak ass loser attitude the FUCK outta here.

Like, why even be a fan if you’re going to be so miserable and not have any fun?

I’m not going to act like the Eagles don’t have issues. We all know they’re not some flawless team.

But we should also be able to recognize the Eagles DO have a lot of number of good things going for them. If they didn’t, how did they just beat the previously undefeated Packers in Green Bay last week?

Carson Wentz is playing at a very high level. The Eagles’ running game can get going when the offensive line dominates like it’s capable of doing. Doug Pederson can out-scheme other head coaches.

Jim Schwartz’s defense, for all its’ faults, is strong in the red zone (eighth best in the NFL) and can make big plays. Falk isn’t going to be able to shred this under-manned Eagles secondary because he’s not going to have the time. Philadelphia’s pass rush has struggled, yeah, but the Jets’ offensive line is even worse. The Eagles’ defense is going to rack up some sacks in this game after only logging three through four games so far.

This week’s game kinda reminds me of when the Eagles played the Cardinals in Week 5 back in 2017. It’s not a perfect comparison but I can remember fans feeling nervous about that one as well. There was “trap game” leading up to that matchup. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

For the third week in a row now, I’ve seen people suggest the Eagles are facing a “trap game.”

There’s just something about the Eagles being heavily favored that scares people.

In some ways, I get it. It’s the NFL: Any Given Sunday. And we’ve certainly seen the Eagles lose games they were favored to win on paper.

But that doesn’t mean every time the Eagles are favored to win means it’s a trap game. And yet I feel that’s how this season has gone so far. What will it take for people to start having a lot more confidence in the Eagles?

I think people misuse the “trap game” phrase. If the Eagles lose to the Jets, it won’t be because it was a trap and the Eagles overlooked them. It’ll be because the Eagles just aren’t a very good team. If the Eagles were 4-0 and lost to the Jets, THAT would more accurately be a trap game scenario.

But the Eagles aren’t losing to the Jets. They’re going to assert their dominance and win decisively, just like good teams do. New York’s defense might provide some resistance but the Jets’ offense will struggle to stay on the field. The Eagles’ offense will get enough possessions to work with where they can build a comfortable lead.

Here’s to 3-2.

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Score prediction: 31-6, Eagles win.

Bold prediction: Jim Schwartz’s defense notches a pick-six in addition to five sacks.

Your predictions:

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