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Doug Pederson offers Eagles injury updates on DeSean Jackson, Sidney Jones, Jason Peters

Plus, the Eagles head coach talks about Josh McCown’s contributions to the QB room.

Ahead of the Eagles’ home game Sunday against the New York Jets, head coach Doug Pederson spoke to the media Friday morning, with updates on a few lingering injuries, as well as what they expect to see in their Week 5 contest.

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

Injury updates

Pederson was asked what happened to Jason Peters — who was added to the Eagles’ injury report on Thursday — and eventually he admitted he didn’t really know but that it was minor and the veteran is fine. Peters “will play” on Sunday.

DeSean Jackson “is out” again this week. Pederson went on to note that Jackson is obviously a runner and a sprinter so they have to be careful with bringing him back too soon.

“But, he’s doing everything he can in his power to get back out there. We’ll evaluate him again next week and see where he’s at.”

Pederson said that he believes they’ll have 4 from the current roster, rather than having to bring someone in to be that fourth. And then the head coach said Sidney Jones is in position to play, joining Rasul Douglas, Craig James and Orlando Scandrick.

Tight end Alex Ellis hasn’t practiced so far this week. Pederson said they are going to get him out on the field during practice Friday and see where he’s at.

On Josh McCown’s influence

Pederson was asked how helpful it’s been for Carson Wentz to have Josh McCown in the locker room.

“They communicate a lot. Josh has been great for Carson, great for Nate [Sudfeld]. Obviously, now [Kyle Lauletta on practice squad] too, being in that room can see and experience that as well.

But, Josh is a veteran quarterback, many, many years in this league, many teams, many offenses. I mean, this guy, lot of valuable experience and he does a great job from a preparation standpoint, a mental standpoint. Just how he talks with Carson, it’s not a threatening way, it’s a way that’s just another set of eyes for Carson. And, it’s really, really helped him.”

Preparing for the Jets

The head coach was asked if McCown has helped him prepare for the Jets, having played for them in 2017 and 2018. Pederson said, “Not really,” but did note that he’s gotten some personnel insight. But the Jets have a new head coach and coordinators, so that’s all changed.

He went on to explain that McCown spent a lot of time trying to coach up Sam Darnold, but the former rookie quarterback was young, so there isn’t much to glean from that. Pederson was asked if they expect Darnold to play, and he said he didn’t know.

Also, Matt Burke is new to the Eagles coaching staff this year as a Defensive Special Assistant, and worked current Jets’ head coach Adam Gase in Miami for a few years. Pederson was asked if Burke was able to give any insights into how the coach might playcall, and he said that he’s probably a little familiar with how Gase things. But, Burke has been a great addition to the defense and gives DC Jim Schwartz another set of eyes.

Pederson also made it clear that he and the team are not looking ahead to the rest of their schedule. He admitted that you always know what’s coming up, but they’re focused on the challenge awaiting them on Sunday and are looking for a way to win this week.

On the Cyprien-Riley trade

Earlier this week, the Eagles traded Johnathan Cyprien to the Falcons for linebacker Duke Riley. Pederson said that Cyprien is a former starting safety in the NFL and Atlanta had a need, and Riley was a guy even as a draft prospect the Eagles were interested in. So, it was a win-win for both teams.

On Nigel Bradham

Pederson was asked how Bradham as handled himself since missing the final preseason game.

“He’s been great. He’s been bought in, he’s been awesome in practice, awesome off the field. He’s had no incidences since that time.”

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