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Is running the ball so much really the “recipe” for Eagles success?

BGN Radio Episode 89!

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Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are 4-4 heading into a Week 9 game against the Chicago Bears. Can the Eagles build on last week’s win or are they primed to disappoint once again?

In order to preview this matchup and discuss the overall state of the Eagles, I got together with Jimmy Kempski for the latest BGN Radio podcast. You can [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN] or stream our conversation below:

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  • Grading the Genard Avery trade
  • Did Howie Roseman make the right move to stand pat otherwise?
  • Well put phrasing by friend of BGN Noah Becker: “The Eagles’ decision to do nothing at the deadline was fine given the situation they found themselves in. It’s the situation they found themselves in that’s the problem.”
  • If it was a seller’s market, why wasn’t Halapoulivaati Vaitai (or anyone else) sold?
  • The Eagles’ dicey wide receiver situation moving forward


  • To what extent were the positives from the Eagles’ over the Bills sustainable over the long-term?
  • Do the Eagles really have a “recipe” for success by running the ball so often? The team gave Carson Wentz a $128 million extension and the head coach is a former quarterback and yet Philly ranks 25th in passing play percentage. On one hand, it makes sense the Eagles don’t want to pass the ball to these receivers. On the other hand, they’re going to have to pass the ball more effectively at some point. Will DeSean Jackson’s return make a big difference in play style?
  • The pass rush seems to be coming on.
  • Jimmy tells a great story about BLG — Brandon Lee Graham.


  • One of the biggest matchups to watch: Andre Dillard versus Khalil Mack
  • The impact of DeSean’s potential return
  • Jordan Howard revenge game?
  • Confidence level in Wentz
  • Why Mitchell Trubisky might be even worse than the stats show
  • Is Allen Robinson going to go off?
  • The Bears’ weakness on the offensive line


  • Picking this week’s big NFC East matchup: Cowboys (-7) at Giants
  • Predicting the winner of Bears at Eagles (-5)
  • A little Sixers talk
  • Final thoughts and more!

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Up next: Stay tuned for more Eagles vs. Bears preview coverage this week with The Kist and Solak Show and the Babes On Broad! Also don’t forget to check out the Eagles vs. Bills postgame show after Sunday’s game.

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