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Jordan Matthews re-signing with the 49ers is (potentially) good news for the Eagles

Comp pick, baby!

San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images


The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly re-signing Jordan Matthews and that’s potentially good news for the Philadelphia Eagles.

You can [click here] for the long version of the explanation but the short version is that Matthews can now qualify for the Eagles’ compensatory pick formula. That is, assuming he spends at least 10 games on San Francisco’s roster through the rest of the 2019 NFL season.

Here’s a look at where the Eagles’ compensatory pick formula currently stands, via Over The Cap:

Prior to last Friday, the Eagles were only set to receive a 2020 third-round compensatory pick for losing Nick Foles. But releasing veteran linebacker L.J. Fort removed him from the formula, which allows the Eagles to potentially get a 2020 fourth-round pick for losing Jordan Hicks.

If Matthews spends at least 10 games on the 49ers’ roster, he’ll count towards the Eagles’ formula (left column) and the Andrew Sendejo signing would cancel out with Matthews instead of Golden Tate. Ergo, the Eagles would get the 2020 fifth-round pick* that they’re currently not set to receive.

Matthews originally signed with the 49ers back in March but San Francisco waived him during final cuts. An injury to 49ers wide receiver Jalen Hurd — who was placed on injured reserve — inspired to bring Matthews back to the Bay.

So, here’s to hoping JMatt sticks around for 10 games. The Eagles will have 10 selections in the 2020 NFL Draft if things go their way.


1st round

2nd round

3rd round

(3rd round - projected compensatory pick)

4th round

(4th round - projected compensatory pick)

5th round

5th round (from New England Patriots)

(5th round - projected compensatory pick)**

6th round (from Atlanta Falcons)

*The Tate pick was orginally projected to be a 2020 fourth-round compensatory pick. His four-game suspension may have dropped it down a round, though. Over The Cap comp pick expert Nick Korte recently referred to the pick as a fourth-round selection still, though, so it’s not perfectly clear if it’s actually a fourth or a fifth. UPDATE: Clarity from Korte —

**This pick only conveys if 1) Matthews spends at least 10 games on the 49ers’ roster ... OR ... the Eagles cut Sendejo.

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