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Eagles Week 8 fantasy football outlook

Run now while you still can

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings David Berding-USA TODAY Sports

The horrific thing to happen last Sunday night in Dallas was a putrid display of “offense” featuring Carson Wentz and Nelson Agholor. The “Super Bowl contending” Eagles that started the year with an “MVP caliber quarterback” that features an offense “loaded with talent at all positions” have been a joke, which makes for pretty poor fantasy football options. Can the Eagles turn the season around this week in Buffalo? Sure. Will they? I doubt it? Does the fantasy season play on? It sure does.

Carson Wentz, Quarterback (Week 7: Start, Result: QB21)

Oh boy. Wentz was one of many names on this list that disappointed fantasy owners last week. Wentz simply has to do better than 1 TD and 191 yards. Until this team gets their you-know-what together, I’d avoid starting Carson. To make matters worse, the Buffalo Bills have allowed just 1,290 passing yards this season, which is third to only San Francisco and New England.

Verdict: SIT

Alshon Jeffery, Wide Receiver (Week 7: Start, Result: WR66)

Although he was targeted five times, Jeffery was only able to get 38 yards on two catches. While Jeffery has undoubtedly been disappointing for fantasy owners, his ceiling makes him worth a start in a FLEX role most weeks, but a tough Buffalo secondary knocks him down to the bench this week.

Verdict: SIT

DeSean Jackson, Wide Receiver (Week 7: Sit, Result: N/A - Injury)

This is just getting really old. It seems like Jackson should have had surgery and gone on IR months ago. If Jackson ever returns, we’ll discuss his fantasy value, but for now, I probably wouldn’t even waste a bench spot on what feels like a lost season for the Eagles legend.

Verdict: SIT - Injured

Nelson Agholor, Wide Receiver (Week 7: Start, Result: WR74)

Last Sunday marked the day that I jumped off of the Nelson Agholor bandwagon. He’s a good guy, but he’s not a good football player, and he’s definitely not a good fantasy option. Agholor can be safely dropped most leagues.

Verdict: SIT

Zach Ertz, Tight End (Week 7: Start, Result: TE21)

You know times are tough when we’re legitimately questioning whether or not to start Zach Ertz. Against the Bills, tight ends have just 192 receiving yards on the year with no touchdowns scored, which doesn’t bode well for Ertz or Goedert. Ertz is still the go-to guy on this offense, which makes him a starter this week, but I’d caution against expecting too much from him until things start clicking again.

Verdict: START

Dallas Goedert, Tight End (Week 7: Sit, Result: TE4)

Goedert finished last week as the fourth-highest scoring tight end and is among the top twelve over the past three weeks. Moving forward, Goedert can be treated as a low-end TE1 or a FLEX option, but if he keeps progressing, he will be a must-start before you know it. There are definitely worse options this week.

Verdict: START

Jordan Howard, Running Back (Week 7: Start, Result: RB29)

Howard looked good against Dallas when given a chance, but unfortunately, it is hard to rack up the carries when your team is getting smoked. If the Eagles can get a lead against the Bills, Howard should get ample carries, but if the Eagles are trailing, Sanders will see more snaps. Howard is a FLEX option but has a low ceiling until the Eagles can look like the Eagles again.

Verdict: START

Miles Sanders, Running Back (Week 7: Start, Result: RB37)

Like Goedert above, Sanders is teetering on the line of becoming an every-week fantasy starter. He has carved out a role in the offense, but, just as is the case with everyone else on this list, the offense really needs to start clicking for Sanders to become a weekly lock. This week, I’d caution against using Sanders, as the Bills have been among the best defenses in the league when it comes to shutting down opposing pass-catchers out of the backfield.

Verdict: SIT

Darren Sproles, Running Back (Week 7: Sit, Result: Result: N/A - DNP)

Sproles was ruled out for this week’s game.

Verdict: SIT - Injured

Jake Elliott, Kicker (Week 7: Start, Result: K22)

Elliott has been very good this year for the Eagles, but the Eagles haven’t been very good for him. Hopefully, you’ve got a different option on your team.

Verdict: SIT

Eagles Defense & Special Teams (Week 7: Sit, Result: DST21)

Does anything about this defense inspire your confidence? I’d look elsewhere for your defense and special teams needs.

Verdict: SIT

As always, this article is generally giving guidance to players in standard-sized, PPR leagues, but feel free to ask questions regarding your specific situation in the comments below or to tweet them my way (@LeeSifford).

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