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Malcolm Jenkins denies he’s the Eagles’ anonymous source

The team’s defensive captain speaks out.

New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

Malcolm Jenkins made some notable comments in the Eagles’ locker room on Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what the veteran safety had to say when asked about how the Eagles turned thing around after a 4-6 start in 2018, via’s Zack Rosenblatt:

“I think we had a real change on both sides of the ball. You had Nick Foles coming in and obviously that changed a lot of what we did offensively.”

“Defensively, we really had to change dramatically because of the personnel we had out there so we went to a very very simple scheme and let our defensive line eat. A little bit different situation this year because our defensive line, we’re thin there. Linebacker has been a position we’ve had some young guys learning to play and we’re still trying to get healthy on the outside at corer. A little different situation but obviously some guys who have to step up and play significant roles for us.”

Some took the Foles inclusion here as Jenkins slighting Carson Wentz. Some went as far to suggest it was actually Jenkins behind the anonymous quotes criticizing Wentz and the Eagles’ offense from last week.

Jenkins firmly denied these accusations on Tuesday evening:

Jenkins is right. The Eagles do need to play better. Winning will quiet the noise that emerges when the team is losing.

Now they have to actually go out and do it.

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