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Howard Eskin claims Alshon Jeffery made the anonymous comments about the Eagles

But, Josina Anderson may have shot down Howard Eskin’s comments?

Philadelphia Eagles v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

People are still trying to figure out who the anonymous source was last week who second-guessed the Eagles offense.

Howard Eskin went on SportsRadio 94WIP on Monday morning and claimed Alshon Jeffery was the source (hat tip to Crossing Broad):

Cataldi: Do you know who it is?

Eskin: Yeah.

Cataldi: Are you willing to tell us?

Eskin: Yeah why not. Alshon Jeffery.

Cataldi: It is?

Eskin: Yes. The thing is, here’s why he’s foolish and stupid – He knows that she’s not out to have his back. The problem is, as a reporter, I’ve seen her do this. She’ll bait a guy and then the guy gets trapped into saying things and he says them. It’s just foolish and stupid. We all understand it’s not productive. But what benefit was there to say that? And the reality is, why would he worry about a defensive player (Jalen Ramsey) not being traded for? And when he talks about checking down, sometimes the back you check down to is blocked. Or he’s blocking and then can’t get off the block. That’s one of your checkdowns. So the whole thing was just stupid. But it’s not being productive for somebody like that.

This is an interesting take, particularly because Jeffery — and Nelson Agholordenied being the source last week.

It didn’t take long for Eskin’s comments to come back to Josina Anderson, who promptly tweeted that he did not know who her source was. Granted, it wasn’t a strong, “it deefinitely wasn’t Alshon Jeffery,” but it suggests it may not have been.

The talking heads, head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz, didn’t seem to make too much of the comments prior to the Dallas loss on Sunday, but it’ll be interesting to see if we ever do find out who was really behind the anonymous frustrations.

And if there will be any consequences.

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