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Report: Jaguars gave Eagles chance to match the Rams’ offer for Jalen Ramsey but Philadelphia declined

Howie Roseman wasn’t willing to up his offer.

New Orleans Saints v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles didn’t successfully trade for Jalen Ramsey but they did make an offer for the star cornerback, according to NFL insider Adam Schefter.

The Philadelphia Eagles came under criticism for not completing a trade for Jalen Ramsey, but it clearly was not for a lack of effort. The Eagles offered the Jaguars first- and second-round picks for Ramsey, league sources tell ESPN, and for a period of time thought they had a chance to land him.

This reported offer of a first and a second isn’t new, by the way. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen previously reported back on October 2 that the Eagles offered that same exact package.

So, why is this reported offer coming out again? Well, it seems clear that the Eagles don’t want people to believe they didn’t even try to get Ramsey. Damage control and whatnot.

Howie Roseman also wants us to know he wasn’t asleep at the wheel and actually had a chance to match the Los Angeles Rams’ offer of two first-round picks plus a fourth-round pick:

The Eagles simply were unwilling to give up more than a first- and second-round pick, according to sources. Jacksonville even gave Philadelphia a chance to match the Rams’ offer, and the Eagles declined, according to sources.

As if you needed any more evidence that Schefter’s information is coming from an Eagles source, his report ends by talking about how Philadelphia is getting reinforcements at cornerback. Just look at this phrasing!

As much as the Eagles would have liked to have added Ramsey, they also know that they expect to get back four defensive backs in the next two weeks. Eagles cornerback Ronald Darby (hamstring) is expected to return Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys, as is Jalen Mills, who has been out the past year with a foot injury. Eagles cornerback Avonte Maddox (neck) could return next Sunday at Buffalo, as could cornerback Cre’Von LeBlanc, who has battled a foot injury. So the additions of Darby, Mills, Maddox and LeBlanc might not be as good as Ramsey, but the Eagles believe they will upgrade their secondary and make their defense even more formidable.

‘Don’t worry, fans. We didn’t get Ramsey, but we are getting these potential non-solutions back! It’s not that different!’

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