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Doug Pederson talks Eagles injury updates on DeSean Jackson, Sidney Jones, others

Plus, the Eagles head coach talked Carson Wentz’s improvement and Corey Clement’s role.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson spoke to the media on Wednesday ahead of practice, and he gave some injury updates, talked a bit about playcalling and certain players, as well as looked ahead to the Jets defense.

Pederson also talked about the advantages of coming off a Thursday night game, including having a few extra days now to get healthy. He also said coming off a win is certainly a boost, so he expects the guys to be flying around and be energetic during practice.

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

Injury Updates

Pederson said Sidney Jones is doing well, and is going to participate in the team’s walk-thru on Wednesday and then progress him through the week as they can. Jones would be labeled day-to-day, but is doing well.

Later on, the head coach was asked about how concerning Jones’ history of injuries was, and Pederson said that they have to make sure he’s healthy before putting him back on the field, but that he trusts the medical staff and Jones to make progress.

He went on to say that they’re obviously with Ronald Darby for a little bit, Jalen Mills is still working his way back, and then Cre’Von LeBlanc is still sidelined, but these are all guys they hope to have back in the near future. The team is given 53 roster spots and 10 practice squad spots and Howie Roseman does a great job of filling those with talent that they may need to elevate in the meantime.

DeSean Jackson will not practice on Wednesday but he will continue to rehab. Jackson’s in jeopardy of missing his third straight game.

Pederson also said that Avonte Maddox was doing well. When asked if there’s been any update from what we’ve heard last, Pederson asked what was last released — which was a sprained neck and concussion — and confirmed Maddox is still in concussion protocol.

The head coach was also asked about soft tissue injuries in general, and he mentioned that it’s something the continue to monitor. Pederson said that coming out of training camp when players might not be getting a full compliment of reps and then get into the season where they’re playing 60 minutes could be part of the problem. Plus, he notes that football is football, and players also need to stay hydrated, stick to a good diet, do everything they can to stay healthy.

On going for the 2-point conversion

“Obviously the touchdown put us up 7, right? So, we kick the extra point, you’re up 8, so a touchdown and 2-point conversion you’re tied. If you don’t get the 2-point conversion, you’re still at 7, and a touchdown and extra point, you’re still tied.

So, the rationale there was I’m going to chase those 2-points, try to go up 9, now it becomes a two possession game, with however much time is left.”

He talked about how that kind of play can also be a spark for the team, and being up by two scores can do something to the psyche.

Pederson also said that he doesn’t base the decision based on the other team’s ability to complete a 2-point conversion, but by the Eagles going for 2, it does put the decision making in their opponent’s hands for how to respond.

On playcalling and league tendencies

The head coach was asked about calling the same play multiple times in a row, and Pederson said that was something he learned years ago from Andy Reid.

“What I’ve learned is, the defense is going to adjust, they’re going to make another call. If we didn’t get it right the first time, we can definitely get it right the second time. And, I have a lot of faith in the guys to get that done.

Now, in the plays you’re probably referring to, we also had alerts attached to them so Carson could get us to a better play based on what we had called.”

Pederson was also asked about what he’s seeing from other teams, especially after being able to watch Sunday’s games. He mentioned that part of the reason for their two losses this season were from turnovers and penalties, and noticed how important those two things were in Sunday’s games as well. Teams that are able to minimize those things are the ones that are going to win, and the teams that are efficient are taking care of the football and scoring points.

On Corey Clement

“Listen, I love Corey, number one. His role is special teams, and he’s going to make an impact there first and foremost. He understands his role, where he is in kind of the order of running backs and what we’ve done there.

Listen, he’s a breath of fresh air. He’s a guy that comes to work everyday prepares as if he’s the starter on offense, he prepares obviously as a starter on special teams. He’s a core player for us, and he’s always got energy and always got juice each and every day. And that’s what I love about Corey.”

Pederson was later asked about how hard it’s been for Clement to change roles, coming from a couple of seasons where he was a big offensive contributor. The head coach mentioned that it’s important not to look back and rather focus on moving forward, and that’s what Corey is doing.

The running back comes to work everyday and is focused on what he can do to help the team. Pederson said it’s tough for young players to suffer injuries early in their career, but Clement is back to where he was before he was sidelined and is helping where he can, which right now is on special teams.

On Carson Wentz

Pederson was asked what the quarterback was doing better this season than previous years. The head coach said that most importantly, Wentz understands more of the offense and knowing where everyone is. Plus, he’s getting the ball out of his hands, making better decisions with the football, and him making good reads.

On the Jets

Pederson mentioned that he believes the Jets’ defensive strength is with their front guys. He notes that it’s a Gregg Williams’ style defense, which means they’re going to show different fronts, move them around, and attack.

The Eagles’ head coach said that their angles will have to be right from the offensive line and tight ends coming off the ball. He noted that it is very similar to Green Bay’s defense, but probably has a little more movement up front, more of a penetrating style. And that’s what makes them disruptive.

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