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Ranking the Eagles’ biggest issues and previewing a must-win Cowboys game

BGN Radio Episode 85!

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are. It’s Week 7 and the Philadelphia Eagles are facing a must-win game against the Dallas Cowboys. The usual excitement for this NFC East rivalry matchup feels restricted, however, by the fact that this Eagles team has a lot of issues.

In order to preview this matchup and discuss the overall state of the Eagles, I got together with Jimmy Kempski for the latest BGN Radio podcast. You can [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN] or stream our conversation below:

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  • The Eagles missed out on Jalen Ramsey. Did Howie Roseman make the right call by not trading for him? Looking at both sides of the argument.
  • What to make of the Eagles cutting Zach Brown and the linebacker situation moving forward.
  • Doug Pederson’s claim that the Eagles are going to go down to Dallas and beat the Cowboys.


  • Jimmy and I each reveal our lists of the top five issues with the 2019 Eagles. Put your own list in the comments.


  • Do the Cowboys really have the Eagles number? Looking back at last year’s officiating debacle.
  • The Cowboys’ previous injury luck is running out as they’re super banged up right now. The Eagles are obviously also hurting as well.
  • Breaking down Carson Wentz vs. Dak Prescott through Madden categories.
  • What’s the confidence level in Andre Dillard as he makes his first NFL start against Robert Quinn?
  • Going through the remaining schedules for the Eagles and Cowboys and figuring out who will win the NFC East.


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  • Predicting the winner and final score
  • Final thoughts!

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Up next: Stay tuned for more Eagles vs. Cowboys preview coverage this week with The Kist and Solak Show and the Babes On Broad! Also don’t forget to check out the Eagles vs. Cowboys postgame show after Sunday’s game.

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