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NFL Power Rankings Roundup Week 7: Eagles take a big step back

What are the “experts” saying about Philadelphia’s football team?

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Philadelphia Eagles v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

It’s time for our weekly roundup of how various media outlets view the Philadelphia Eagles in their NFL power rankings. It’s always interesting to see how the Birds stack up from an outside perspective.

Denver Post

8 - So much for the Eagles being on the right track. They lost by 18 at Minnesota. (LW: 8)


10 - Their championship based ranking is better than their #12 ranking based on our neutral field simulations. Usually getting crushed by the Vikings would cost you but the Eagles are still the heavy favorite to win the NFC East and still get a home playoff game which could easily be against a Vikings team with a better record. Their 2.6% chance is #10 in the league which is not high enough to be a good bet. Current Odds are 25/1, 3.8%. They are projected to win 9 games and come in under their pre-season futures line of 10. Their average wins per simulation puts them at #8 in the NFC. After 6 games, their expected win percentage is 60% based on the money line odds. At 3-3 they are short of expectations. Oddsmakers expected them to win 3.6 based on their money line game odds. Their 3-3 record this season was very disappointing. They broke even against the money line. They were down slightly (-100) against the money line. (LW: 7)

The Big Lead

11 - Hoo boy, is that secondary atrocious. Carson Wentz’ presence means this team is fine, but this should be a wake-up call about the state of the defense. (LW: 5)

USA Today

11 - Turnovers telling tale of this team. When Philly has two or more, it hasn’t won. But limit giveaways to one or fewer, and Iggles 3-0. (LW: 7)

Mile High Report

11 - At one point after Stefon Diggs’ second touchdown, my brother messaged me to say he was giving up on the NFL this year. He said it was too frustrating to get so upset over a thing he had no control over. He turned off the game. I messaged him when the Iggles got it back to 17-24 to comment on how weird it is that a team with such a bad secondary could pull close. He said Kirk Cousins is a joke and the Cowboys would be unbeatable. I told him Dallas could beat Dallas. Then Stefon Diggs caught his third touchdown and I stopped bothering him. (LW: 6)

Sporting News

12 - The Eagles got smashed by the Vikings as their much-maligned pass defense and compressed passing game blew up on them in the worst ways. Philadelphia has to keep digging deep for big plays while also not giving them up despite its dominance against the run. (LW: 8)

Yahoo! Sports

13 - Cutting linebacker Zach Brown, the day after he played 81.7 percent of the team’s defensive snaps, was surprising. It doesn’t seem like he was the problem. Maybe the Eagles felt they needed to send a message. (LW: 8)

Washington Post

13 - Can anyone in the NFC East actually play? The Eagles and Cowboys are supposed to be Super Bowl contenders. At the moment, both look thoroughly mediocre entering their meeting Sunday night in Dallas. (LW: 6)


14 - Biggest weakness: Pass defense. The Eagles are tied with the Giants for most pass plays of 40-plus yards allowed (seven). Six receivers have had 100-plus-yard performances against them. Their injury-depleted cornerback group could get Jalen Mills (foot) and Ronald Darby (hamstring) back this week. Whether the duo’s return makes an appreciable difference is unknown. (LW: 9)

The Athletic

14 - Silly us, thinking the Eagles’ return to the Top 10 last week would stick. Instead, the team that was our biggest faller three weeks ago and biggest riser two weeks ago tumbles again after an ugly loss to Minnesota, a game that highlighted Philadelphia’s biggest weaknesses, cornerback and pass rush. (But hey, at least they found a scapegoat in Zach Brown?) (LW: 7)


14 - Philly’s patchwork secondary finally got ripped to shreds by old friend Kirk Cousins, and the book is out on how to beat the Birds. Seems like an odd time for Doug Pederson to be predicting a road win over a division rival with first place on the line. (LW: 7)

Blogging The Boys

14 - Getting routed by Kirk Cousins is never a good thing. (LW: 7)

Rick Gosselin

14 - The Eagles visit Dallas this weekend with first place in the NFC East on the line. Both teams sit 3-3, a game ahead of the Giants. The only quality win either the Cowboys or Eagles has is Philadelphia’s victory over the Packers in Green Bay in Week 4. The Eagles have already beaten both the Packers and Jets -- and the Cowboys have lost to both teams in the last two weeks. (LW: 8)

Pro Football Talk

14 - Doug Pederson believes that the Eagles are going to win on Sunday, and he defintely does not guarantee it. (LW: 11)

Bleacher Report

14 - The Philadelphia Eagles are—in a way—just like their NFC East rivals in Dallas this year. It’s hard to get a bead on whether either team is any good. In Week 6, the answer to that question appeared to be not especially. By the midway point of the second quarter in the Twin Cities, the Eagles trailed 24-3. Philly was able to get as close as 24-20, but the Vikings then peeled off two unanswered touchdowns to pull away. As it’s been much of the season, the Eagles pass defense was a sieve in Week 6. Philadelphia gave up 333 passing yards to a quarterback (Kirk Cousins) who has struggled most of the year, allowed him to throw for a staggering 11.5 yards per attempt and surrendered two touchdown grabs of over 50 yards to Vikings wideout Stefon Diggs. Luckily for the Eagles, the Cowboys also laid an egg on Sunday in New York, so the two teams are still tied atop the NFC East. ”Everyone seems to be waiting for the Eagles to play like the team they’re supposed to be, not the one they actually are,” Sobleski said. “At 3-3, Philadelphia has one quality win over the Green Bay Packers and an awful loss to the Atlanta Falcons. This team is far too inconsistent to be considered among the league’s better squads.” Maybe the Sunday night affair between the two in Week 7 will provide more clarity regarding these enigmatic clubs. (LW: 8)

14 - They are tied with Dallas atop a crummy NFC East. (LW: 11)

15 - We have to send the Eagles back to Power Rankings purgatory after a virtual no-show against the Vikings in Minneapolis. This was an ugly game for Doug Pederson’s team, which could not move the ball consistently on offense and was helpless to stop Vikings QB Kirk Cousins from building his comeback narrative on their backs. Concerns in the secondary were temporarily tabled during Week 5’s walk-through (well, technically, it was a real game against a Luke Falk-led Jets offense), but those worries move back to the forefront after Cousins threw for 300 yards and four touchdowns. Jim Schwartz is one of the better defensive coordinators in the league, but does he have the pieces to get the back end stabilized? If not, the NFL’s better quarterbacks are going to torch the Iggles into irrelevance by December. (LW: 6)

Pride Of Detroit

15 - Philadelphia’s secondary had no answer to the Vikings talented group of receivers, as they made an anemic Vikings offense looks like one of the best in the league. (LW: 11)

Houston Chronicle

15 - Coach Doug Pederson has guaranteed a victory over the Cowboys at AT&T Stadium. The winner owns first place in the NFC East. (LW: 12)

Bleeding Green Nation

16 - The NFL is a passing league and the Eagles have big problems at wide receiver and cornerback. Not ideal. For all their faults, though, the Eagles can claim first place in the NFC East with a win over Dallas this week. It would sure help if Carson Wentz’s teammates could stop regularly letting him down. (LW: 10)

CBS Sports

16 - Their defense is a disaster right now. And now they face a big-time division game against the Cowboys. They better tighten up. (LW: 8)

Chicago Tribune

16 - The Eagles are scuffling after a bad road loss to the Vikings, but coach Doug Pederson didn’t shy from backing his team during an appearance Monday on WIP-FM 91.4 in Philadelphia. “We’re going down to Dallas, and our guys are gonna be ready to play. And we’re gonna win that football game, and when we do, we’re in first place in the NFC East,” Pederson said. “We control our own destiny. We’re right where we need to be.” The Eagles will be in control if they win. If not, they will have plenty of questions to answer. (LW: 9)


16 - Leave it to the Eagles’ secondary to make Kirk f***ing Cousins look like Dan Marino. There is no positive spin any longer – if the defense continues to play as poorly as it has, Pederson can forget about “winning that football game” in Dallas or any other game against a competent quarterback in the league. The best chance might come if Howie Roseman pays the same referees who officiated the Lions/Packers MNF “contest.” (LW: 8)

Detroit Free Press

17 - They could be out of the playoff hunt by the time this three-game road swing ends. (LW: 11)



The rankings range from as high as 8 to as low as 17. The most common ranking is 14. The average ranking is 13.6, which is down from last week’s average of 8.2.

The Eagles rightfully took a big step back after losing to the Vikings in Minnesota. This team has a number of issues, with the secondary being a primary one. The Eagles can stop the bleeding with a win over the Cowboys this week. A loss on national television, however, will surely drop Philly below the top half of the league.

Beat Dallas.

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