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Eagles can at least be happy the Cowboys lost to the Jets

So, there’s this.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles dropped to 3-3 on Sunday by losing to the Minnesota Vikings, 38 to 20. That’s the bad news.

The good news for the Eagles is that Sunday was not all bad for them. The Dallas Cowboys lost to the previously winless New York Jets (!), 24 to 22. The New York Jets!

This development means the Eagles and Cowboys are now both 3-3 heading into a huge Week 7 NFC East rivalry matchup on Sunday Night Football at AT&T Stadium. First place in the division is on the line.

If the Eagles can win next weekend, they’ll be 4-3 while Dallas drops to 3-4. That scenario would obviously have fans feeling much better than they do right now.

Of course, beating the Cowboys is no sure thing. The Eagles went 0-2 in two games against them last season. Philadelphia clearly has a lot of issues that were on display in their loss to the Vikings. The coaching needs to be better. The secondary is a big problem.

On that note, the Eagles’ pass defense might catch a break with Amari Cooper missing next weekend’s game:

Cooper had 16 receptions for 292 yards and three touchdowns against the Eagles last season. So, yeah, it’d be a relief if they didn’t have to go up against him this year.

The Eagles will potentially be getting DeSean Jackson back for the Cowboys game. That possibility is hardly set in stone but reports indicate Jackson is trying to play against Dallas. It remains to be seen how effective he’ll be as he plays through an abdomen injury ... but the Eagles could really use his deep speed on the field.

Beating the Cowboys won’t fix all of the Eagles’ long-standing concerns but it would certainly be a step in the right direction.

The goal is simple: Beat Dallas.


Eagles 3-3 1-0 2-3
Cowboys 3-3 2-0 2-2
Giants 2-4 1-1 2-2
Washington 1-5 0-3 0-4

(Note that the Eagles are technically first in the NFC East since they currently hold the “common games” tie-breaker over Dallas. The Eagles beat the Packers and Jets while the Cowboys lost to both of those teams.)

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