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Eagles fans are feeling good. Fans of other NFC East teams? Not so much!

FanPulse update.

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NFL: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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Wow, you really just hate to see this.

As Philadelphia Eagles fan confidence is rising with the team moving to 3-2 after a 1-2 start ...

... the rest of the NFC East is trending in the opposite direction. Especially when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, who now have the seventh lowest fan confidence rating in the NFL.

The New York Giants poll was taken before the G-Men fell to 2-4 on Thursday night. Their confidence rating is now probably even lower than reflected here:

And then you have Washington, who actually saw a 2% increase from their previous mark of 0%! I guess Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen signed up for FanPulse.

Of course, it’s never fun to revel in the misery of the Eagles’ division rivals. Sorry to bring this up.

As for the Eagles’ Week 6 opponent, Minnesota Vikings fans have been on a rollecoaster ride of emotions this season:

The Vikings beat a bad team in Week 1. They lost to a good team in Week 2. They beat a bad team in Week 3. They lost to a good team in Week 4. They beat a bad team in Week 5.

If the trend continues, Vikings fans will be losing confidence again after the Eagles beat them in Minnesota.

This week’s national FanPulse question takes the temperature on the NFL MVP discussion.

I’d vote Russell Wilson, myself. What say you?


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