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Vikings writer gives three reasons why the Eagles will win in Week 6

Looking at the enemy’s biggest worries.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Bleeding Green Nation already took some time to chat with Daily Norseman in order to preview this Week 6 Philadelphia Eagles versus Minnesota Vikings matchup. (You can read that here.) Today, we’re back with three reasons why each team might lose. This format allows us to show what the other side is worried about.

See below for three reasons why the Vikings could lose, as written by Ted Glover of Daily Norseman. To see why I think the Eagles could lose, check out DN.

Reason 1: The Vikings offense becomes one dimensional.

The Vikings run offense is third in the NFL, but the Eagles run defense is first. How the Vikings run the ball will be the key to who wins this game, as it’s the proverbial irresistible force meeting the immovable object. When the Bears shut down the Vikings running game, their offense died, Minnesota was unable to move the ball, and that was the casus belli that led to last week’s discord. Their success this year has been predicated on balance, and the offensive line is okay to good when there is a good mix of run and pass. When the Vikings became a one dimensional offense, the line has a hard time consistently protecting, Kirk Cousins gets hurried, and things fall apart.

Reason 2: Get an early lead, make the Vikings press, and turnovers come your way.

If you get an early lead and make the offense one dimensional, the chance they turn the ball over increases dramatically. The Vikings aren’t a team that is built to play from behind by a couple touchdowns, and if Doug Pederson can stay one step ahead of Mike Zimmer and get a lead, the Vikes will have to pass and play catch up. When that happens, Cousins has issues holding on to the ball, and in the two losses has four turnovers. That’s because protection mostly collapsed, and Cousins got hit and fumbled or just threw a bad pass under pressure.

Reason 3: The Red Zone and penalties.

The Vikings are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL this season, and both sides of the ball have shot themselves in the foot with untimely flags that changed the complexion of the game in both their losses. They had a little trouble in the red zone last week, but lol it was the Giants so no big deal. I don’t think they’ll be able to get away with only scoring two touchdowns in five trips, as I don’t see them getting five red zone opportunities. So when they get a chance, they can’t leave points on the board or they’ll lose.

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