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Nick Foles talks about the bond with his Eagles teammates and how that matters most in big moments

Plus, he talks about his respect for Drew Brees.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson confirmed that Nick Foles would once again be the starter on Sunday. The quarterback spoke to the media on Wednesday, and even though he was on the sideline during their November game in New Orleans, Carson Wentz has been helping identify matchups and other notables from the contest.

He talked at length about how strong the bond is between him and his teammates, and how he’s been impressed with how they bounced back from that tough loss in Week 11.

Here’s what the quarterback had to say:

On the Saints

Foles was on the sideline during the Saints in November, and he talked about how it was a tough loss, and looking back they executed well.

He went on to say that there were times in that game that the Eagles didn’t play well as a team, but the thing he took away from it was how they bounced back. Foles said there was never a moment where they pointed fingers at each other, and used that to build strength and continued to believe and trust in one another, even after a game that didn’t go their way.

Foles also talked about how that loss helped them become the team they are today, going through that isn’t easy as a team, but it ended up bringing them closer together. He said at this point in the season, they don’t really need extra motivation to work hard. The QB said that the team is excited to compete against the Saints, a team that’s one of the best in the NFL right now, noting that they are a well-round team that’s playing well in all three phases.

He was asked what they can do early on Sunday to prevent the same kind of snowball effect from their last meeting, and Foles pointed out that the most important thing is for them to forget about that November loss.

Foles also said that Carson Wentz has been helpful as they start preparing for the Saints, pointing out different matchups and things Wentz saw during that contest.

The QB was asked about Drew Brees — who is an alumnus of the same high school, though 10 years apart — and he said that Brees is a Hall-of-Famer, one of the best quarterbacks ever. But Foles said the thing that impresses him most about Brees is who he is as a person and how he impacts the community, moreso than anything he’s done on the field, and considers him a role model to everyone.

On the state of the Eagles team

Foles said that everyone wants to know the secret of what makes a great team, but it really just boils down to trust in one another. He continued to say that from his experience, it’s the team that has the best relationships that have the most success. He admitted there are some anomalies out there, but the teams he’s been apart of have been cohesive and believed in each other.

The quarterback said his philosophy is that in the fourth quarter with the game on the line, if you trust the men next to you, you’re going to get it done more times than not. He also pointed out that this Eagles team is a testament to that.

He later talked a bit about the offensive line and called it one of the best groups he’s been around. Foles lauded their communication and called them “the best”, noting that they are the key to the offense.

Foles was asked about him getting rid of the football faster than he has in his career, and also the team’s success on third and fourth downs, but everything really boils down to the relationships with his teammates and being prepared enough to just play in the moment. He also noted that it’s a cultural thing within the organization from the top down, and that the players don’t have egos in the locker room and everyone buys in.

He was also asked if he listens to any of the noise about his future with the team, especially with him playing well, and he said he doesn’t. Foles noted before, and reiterated, that the future will work itself out and it’s not something he’s putting mental energy into.

Related to that, Foles was asked about Jason Kelce coming over to him before Cody Parkey’s tipped field goal last weekend and saying “Thank you” for being his teammate. The quarterback said that it means the world, and while he isn’t worried about the future he understands where he stands, and every time he gets to wear the Eagles jersey is special. He said he’ll always remember that, has loved playing with Kelce, and is glad they have at least one more week to play together.

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