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Eagles are excited about their opportunity for revenge against the Saints

The team wasn’t happy with how things went down in New Orleans in November and are looking forward to another shot.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Eagles were fired up in the locker room following their big win over the Bears, and Doug Pederson told his players that they accomplished this week’s goal and “I don’t have to tell you where we’re heading next weekend” — queue a giant grin from Brandon Graham, who later said, “I believed we was gonna get a rematch”.

The team is looking forward to their opportunity to go back to New Orleans and make right all the wrongs from the last time they played in the Super Dome just a couple months ago. Jason Peters said that they wanted their revenge, and several other players echoed that sentiment, according to

“We didn’t play well at all,” Eagles left tackle Jason Peters said. “They ran up the score. We wanted them again, we got them again.

“This time, hey, we coming,” the future Hall-of-Famer added. “It’s definitely not going to be the same outcome.”

Peters wasn’t the only one “disgusted” by their performance from November, and the repeated sentiment from the players was that they weren’t quitters and weren’t giving up.

“What happened in Week 11,” Ertz said, “was one of the most embarrassing, humbling games I’ve ever played in.”

Doug Pederson said during a press conference last week that he was impressed with the way his team bounced back from that loss and that the leadership counsel really made sure that the players used the loss as motivation rather than a breaking point. The head coach even pointed to that moment as one of the proudest for him from this season.

After the Bears win Pederson even said that this is a different team with a different mindset than the group that lost to New Orleans in Week 11, and that they’re doing everything right on and off the field to make sure they’re prepared for a different outcome.

And, they are certainly hungry for another shot to make it right.

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