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Cowboys win with help from Seahawks not trying to beat Dallas on offense

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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys advanced to the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL Playoffs by defeating the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday night, 24 to 22.

That’s obviously not the final score Philadelphia Eagles fans wanted to see.

Let’s (begrudgingly) give the Cowboys some credit. Their defense is legitimately good. They also have an incredibly talented running back in Ezekiel Elliott who makes life super easy on their quarterback, Dak Prescott. Can you imagine if Dak had to deal with Josh Adams (511 yards) being the team’s leading rusher instead of Zeke (1540 yards)? Because that’s the Eagles’ reality.

But I digress. The Dallas defense does deserve credit, yes. But the Seahawks also had an ABSOLUTELY ABYSMAL offensive coaching performance in this game.

Despite the fact it clearly wasn’t working for basically the entire game, the Seahawks insisted on running the ball over and over. All the while, Russell Wilson was clearly having success through the air.

And it’s not like the run was “keeping Dallas honest.” Wilson was having to throw in obvious passing situations because an ineffective running game was continually putting them in bad situations.

The simple truth is the Seahawks’ offensive strategy did not even give themselves a chance to win. Prior to HAVING to pass on their final drive (down 10 points with 2:08 left and zero timeouts), the Seahawks had called 24 runs to 21 passes. And they were gaining 8.6 yards on pass attempts to just 3.0 on rush attempts.

Wilson is the Seahawks’ best player and they just decided to not give him the ball. Not to mention they have two very good wide receivers to throw to in Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett. Just stupid.

It’s honestly unfathomable how Brian Schottenheimer has an offensive coordinator job in the year 2019.

Anyway, the silver lining here is that the Eagles won’t have to play the NFC Championship Game in Seattle. An NFCCG between the Eagles and Cowboys is still on the table, though that would obviously require Philly to beat the Bears on Sunday.

If the Eagles do beat the Bears, the reigning Super Bowl champions will travel to New Orleans for a rematch with the Saints. The Cowboys will then play the Rams in Los Angeles.

If the Eagles lose in Chicago, it’ll be the Cowboys making the trip to the Superdome and the Bears traveling to L.A.

Hopefully the Eagles will have a much smarter offensive game plan than the one the Seahawks did on Saturday night.