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Eagles release playoff hype video featuring Malcolm Jenkins

Are you ready?

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Malcolm Jenkins teased a Philadelphia Eagles playoff hype video on Thursday evening.

And now the video featuring the Eagles’ defensive captain and starting safety is HERE.

Watch below:

2,565 snaps this season.


And every single one of them has been a battle.

Every single one has been an opportunity.

A chance to compete.

A chance to push each other.

We’ve had our fair share of adversity.

Plenty of chances to stop believing.

(Colin Cowherd: So, it’s over for Philadelphia. They don’t know it’s over, but it’s over.)

Those moments have only made us stronger.

United us.

Because this … isn’t just a team.

It’s a brotherhood.

You protect your brother.

You support your brother.

You put in the work and give everything you have on every single play for your brother.

(Doug Pederson: I’m telling you right now, if you don’t love one another, we don’t make plays to win this game. We don’t trust one another, we don’t make plays to win this game.)

I look at this team, I see the heart of a champion.

Because we’ve been there before.

And by now, you should know better than to EVER count us out.

Really, how can you count out this team when we’ve seen them defy the odds before?

The reigning Super Bowl champions are ready for battle against the Bears in Chicago.

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