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In case you needed another reminder that Chris Long is a funny guy

Offseason hijinks.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In case you somehow forgot that Chris Long is a funny dude, allow me to point out this exchange from Monday evening.

Fletcher Cox wasn’t too happy with a recent American Airlines flight experience so he took to Twitter to complain about it. Seeing an opportunity to mess with his teammate, Long made his profile look like the official Americans Airline account in attempt to trick Cox.

This actually isn’t the first time Long has done this before. He first did it back in 2017:

Someone didn’t appreciate Long’s most recent joke, however, and tried to tattle on him. (Maybe a New York Giants fan?)

Instead of getting mad, Long turned it around on this guy and switched his profile back to normal so it looked like “Jason” was making stuff up.

Long hasn’t officially committed to playing in 2019 just yet, though he did make it sound like he’s open to returning to the Eagles. Hopefully he’ll be back.

Without him, there would be no Long Cox.

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