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Cowboys’ coaching staff managed to lead some of the NFC’s best talents to only 7 points

Dallas not off to a great start in 2019.

NFL: Pro Bowl Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

“The Pro Bowl is irrelevant and doesn’t matter” is a true statement.

However, it’s also not exactly the stance Dallas Cowboys fans were taking prior to Sunday’s annual all-star game between the NFL’s two conferences.

Jason Garrett and his coaching staff, which features a new offensive structure now that Scott Linehan is gone, were the subject of interest for Cowboys fans in this matchup.

Cowboys fans tuned in to the Pro Bowl to watch Garrett and his crew lead some of the NFC’s talents to ... merely seven points and 148 yards ... in a game where the defense isn’t allowed to blitz and really isn’t even trying all that hard. Contrast that production with the AFC’s 26 points and 416 yards. Also note that seven points is the lowest Pro Bowl scoring total by one team since 1993.

Naturally, the NFC’s poor performance caused a shift in the message. So much for needing to watch the game!

I’m sure this is the same reaction we’d be hearing if the NFC scored 55 points on Sunday afternoon.

In more important Pro Bowl news, the Philadelphia Eagles made it unscathed as neither Lane Johnson nor Malcolm Jenkins got hurt on Sunday. That’s what matters most.

Jenkins broke up a pass and dropped a pick.

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