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More perspective on Carson Wentz, Nick Foles trade talk, Eagles running back options, and more

BGN Radio Episode 34!

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Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, Philadelphia Eagles fans. Get your weekend started right by listening to the latest episode of BGN Radio! John Stolnis and I got together to discuss the following topics:

  • More perspective on the Carson Wentz report
  • It’s mistaken to think the report was merely falsified ... but how much does it actually matter?
  • We probably don’t realize how tough the last year must’ve been for Wentz
  • Frank Reich’s comments on Carson: “So much stinkin’ juice”
  • Assessing Wentz’s 2018 performance
  • Maybe the Eagles will be able to trade Nick Foles after all? Running through the scenarios
  • What should the Eagles do at running back this offseason? Which free agent options do you like? Tevin Coleman, T.J. Yeldon ... Kareem Hunt? Is there a situation where signing Le’Veon Bell makes sense?
  • BLG just wants the Eagles to make a move at running back where you feel good about the position, instead of having to talk yourself into believing four replacement level guys can string it together
  • Which fan base is sadder: Vikings fans or Saints fans? Making the case for both sides
  • Would Eagles fans be going to the same lengths as Saints fans if they were in the same situation of being screwed?
  • Early thoughts on the Super Bowl LIII matchup and discussing potential rooting interests

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Up next: Stay tuned for some more Eagles offseason talk with Michael Kist and Benjamin Solak.

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