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Frank Reich on Carson Wentz: “This guy has so much stinkin’ juice, it’s unreal”

Former Eagles OC defends Philly’s franchise QB.

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I know you might be tired of hearing reactions to the scathing Carson Wentz report from earlier this week but I think this is an especially noteworthy one. Former Eagles offensive coordinator and current Colts head coach Frank Reich was asked about Wentz earlier this week in an interview with WFAN (via @a2dradio_com). Here’s what he had to say.

Q: My question would be more with the relationship with Carson Wentz in that locker room. I mean, just your overall thoughts on how that team perceives Carson Wentz. Again, some of those things that people are saying, that he’s arrogant, he’s egotistical … I’d just like to hear your thoughts in on that.

REICH: It makes me laugh because having been there two years, having been a part of the process of drafting him there and getting to know him the way that I know him, there’s just few people in this league that I think highly of than Carson. I know him very, very close. And I’m not just saying this to defend him, and I don’t need to defend him, his teammates are doing that quite well. But this guy is a humble guy. This guy is a competitor, though. He knows what he wants. This guy is a leader. This guy has so much stinkin’ juice, it’s unreal. So, I can understand how sometimes people are going to perceive things that aren’t true. But in this case, he’s another one of these elite quarterbacks that, what I used to be [impressed by is] he didn’t care one thing about stats. Like, at the end of the day, I love that about him. The two years that I worked with him, at the end of the day, he’s not a guy who’s checking his stat line because he wants to make sure he’s breaking this record. All he wanted to do was win. And ultimately that’s what told me more than anything else.

Reich was specifically mentioned in the PhillyVoice report for how he would “rein Wentz in and stop him from going off-point.” Reich also previously discussed Wentz’s stubbornness, as an April 2018 article from the Inquirer noted:

During film review, Eagles coaches instructed Wentz to be more cautious when running. The headstrong quarterback brushed off the advice, however, as he did so many defenders.

”It definitely went in one ear and out the other early on,” former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich said recently. “It didn’t go exactly like this, but this is just made up to protect the innocent or protect the guilty, however you say it. We would say to him, ‘Hey, you just need to kind of back off on some of this tackling stuff.’

”And he didn’t quite say it like this, but it was essentially, ‘No. I’m not backing off. This is me. This is how I play.’”

It’s clear that Reich and Wentz didn’t always see eye-to-eye. Yet Reich has a lot of respect for Wentz anyway.

And Reich’s high opinion of Wentz should mean a lot. He’s proven that he’s a pretty good coach.

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