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The Eagles will never have to worry about Pete Morelli screwing them over again

Great news.

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Here’s some good news for the Philadelphia Eagles: long-time NFL referee Pete Morelli is retiring after 22 years on the job. Per an official announcement:

As you’ll recall, Morelli was the ref for the 2017 Eagles versus Carolina Panthers game on Thursday Night Football that featured absolutely awful, one-sided officiating. The Eagles ultimately won that matchup but they came much closer to losing than they reasonably should have been ... thanks to Morelli and his crew.

It wasn’t just one bad game for Morelli, either. Going back further, the last four Eagles games he officiated were clearly lopsided in favor of Philadelphia’s opponent.

Coincidence? Bias? Conspiracy?

Whatever the case, the Eagles won’t have to worry about Morelli officiating their games anymore.

Can’t wait to see which conference gets screwed over in the Pro Bowl this year. (Just kidding, who watches the Pro Bowl?)


Hat tip to BGN reader @xAmethystical on this story.

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