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Some closing thoughts on the Eagles’ 2018 season

What a ride.

Divisional Round - Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Eagles’ 2018 season is over and that really sucks.

It felt like the Birds had a real shot to advance to the 2019 NFC Championship Game after jumping out to a 14-0 lead on the New Orleans Saints.

But it just wasn’t meant to be.

The reality is that repeating as Super Bowl champions just isn’t easy. It’s only been done twice since the salary cap era began in 1994. The 2004 Patriots were the last team to accomplish that feat.

When you put the Eagles’ 2018 season in context of recent Super Bowl winners, it’s really not all that bad. Philadelphia is among three of the last 10 Super Bowl winners to win at least one playoff game in the following season:

Further, the 2018 Eagles are the first NFC East team to win at least one playoff game in back-to-back seasons since ... the 2004 Eagles.

I’m hardly saying you shouldn’t be disappointed by how the 2018 season ended. I already said it “really sucks” that the Eagles lost in the first line of this post.

But there’s no question this playoff loss to the Saints would feel so much worse right now if the Eagles hadn’t won the Super Bowl last year. Thankfully, they did. That’s something we’ll always be able to cherish forever.

As we reflect on the 2018 season, I think our lasting impression of this Eagles team should be a group that we’re proud of. They came up short, yeah, but it was pretty crazy they even made it here in the first place. I remember writing about how the Eagles had just a 0.6% chance of making the wild card back on December 3. The underdogs defied the odds once again and fought like hell just to make it to this point.

The NFL is such a year-to-year league that the Eagles’ success over the past two seasons doesn’t necessarily guarantee more success in 2019 and beyond. But there are certainly some reasons to be optimistic about the future. Doug Pederson is a damn good head coach. Carson Wentz has shown he can play at an MVP level. The Eagles will still have key players like Malcolm Jenkins, Zach Ertz, Lane Johnson, etc. with them in 2019. Young guys like Avonte Maddox and Dallas Goedert will continue to develop. Howie Roseman and Joe Douglas have proven they can make savvy roster moves to improve the team.

The Eagles truly have a LOT of questions to answer this offseason. There will be some real tough decisions to make. As always, we’ll be here every step of the way to discuss them.

I’d like to thank you, Bleeding Green Nation readers and BGN Radio listeners, for choosing to follow along with us. The 2018 season was a crazy ride and there’s no way I’d rather have spent it than with the amazing community of Eagles fans that we have here.

Here’s to a strong 2019 offseason that helps the Eagles get back to winning another Super Bowl next year.

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