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Sean Payton, who gave Saints players extra motivation, says players don’t need extra motivation

This checks out.

Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Saints head coach Sean Payton really did not like a question posed by 6ABC’s Jamie Apody, who was in New Orleans to cover one of his press conferences, this week.

APODY: Last game, you guys didn’t let off the gas pedal, and back in Philly —

PAYTON: No, no. That’s not true. Um, listen, if you pay attention to the film, and you watch the film, it was one of those games where you’re playing a real good offense, and late in the game we scored a touchdown, but we were up 30 something at that point, but we played well, so go ahead.

APODY: No, I said, back in Philly, like, throughout this week, they’ve kind of been using that as motivation. Do you realize that they’re going to do that and what do you think about that?

PAYTON: It’s a divisional playoff game. So my question would be ... we’re all playing hard in these divisional playoff games, right? You’re going to play harder? Alright. Next good question.

A few thoughts:

  • Payton’s not wrong. Payers shouldn’t need extra motivation to win a playoff game. Yet, he’s the coach who brought in the Lombardi Trophy, a Super Bowl ring, and a glass box filled with more than $200,000 cash to motivate Saints players this week. He was also head coach of the Saints when New Orleans had a bounty scandal. So.
  • Payton was so unnecessarily rude to Apody.
  • The Eagles should give Payton motivaton to be less smug by beating the Saints on Sunday.

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