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Eagles fans made a rap song dedicated to Cre’Von LeBlanc


Wild Card Round - Philadelphia Eagles v Chicago Bears Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Jim Schwartz didn’t even know who Cre’Von LeBlanc was when the Eagles claimed him on waivers in early November.

Now, in the week leading up to Philadelphia’s big Divisional Round game against the New Orleans Saints, Schwartz is saying LeBlanc has been absolutely crucial to the team’s success.

Q. You spoke last week about how much of a threat Bears RB Tarik Cohen. On defense, what did you guys do to bottle him up?

JIM SCHWARTZ: Most of that credit goes to [LB] Nigel Bradham and [S] Malcolm Jenkins. They had a huge hand in that. I can’t say enough about how those guys played, because even the one play that he went down the field, that was neither of those guys’ coverage. It wasn’t just stopping the pass; it was stopping the run. Some of the pass, we were treating him like he was a wide receiver and that went to [CB] Cre’Von [LeBlanc] and Cre’Von is one of those guys that’s really stepped up for us.

I said before, I don’t know where we’d be without [CB] Avonte [Maddox]; I don’t know where we’d be without Cre’Von. Our scouts, midway through the season, [Vice President of Player Personnel] Joe Douglas came to me and said, “Hey look, there’s this guy that just became available and our scouts have a good feel for him.”

And guys like [Executive Vice President of Football Operations] Howie [Roseman] and Joe, they are up front, but some of those guys that work in those back rooms without a light, without a window and stuff like that and they are pouring overall these guys that get cut or go somewhere else. Well, that might have been the key to our season putting the waiver claim in on -- I had never heard of Cre’Von LeBlanc before and they brought him and said, “Hey, we’re thinking about claiming this guy,” and it was right before the Saints game last time we were able to click him in. But he had his times, also. It wasn’t all just Nigel and Malcolm. Cre’Von had a big part of it and it was a team effort trying to keep him down. We knew how dangerous he was. You could see that on the last kickoff. That’s a guy where if you give him a quarter of an inch or one guy misses a tackle, he can make you pay, and I was proud of the guys, the way they played against him.

LeBlanc has done a nice job of settling in as the Eagles’ new nickel cornerback. NFL quarterbacks only have a 91.9 passer rating when targeting the man nicknamed “Strap.”

It’s clear that LeBlanc is quickly reaching cult hero status in Philly. Look no further than this rap video produced by some Eagles fans running a dedicated Cre’Von LeBlanc fan club Twitter account:

Fantastic work.

Here’s to Strap having a walk-off pick-six on Drew Brees in overtime on Sunday.

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