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Eagles Fans Rooting Guide for NFL Week 1 Games

Here are the teams you should be rooting for ... and against.

Wild Card Round - New York Giants v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are off today after beating the Falcons on Thursday night. By defeating Atlanta, the Eagles are now 1-0 and first in the entire NFL. No other place for the reigning Super Bowl champs to be but on top.

The Eagles are off to a good start but this weekend could potentially get even better for them. With that in mind, here’s what Eagles fans should be rooting for on Sunday.


Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Giants: With everyone hyping up the possibility of a Giants resurgence, it’d be great to see Jacksonville’s defense just completely shut down Big Blue’s offense. I wouldn’t mind seeing Blake Bortles having success against the Giants’ defense, either. Let’s go Jags. Root for the Jaguars.

Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers: It’d be nice to see the “Ezekiel Elliott is back so the Cowboys will be fine!” narrative get crushed as early as Week 1. A Panthers win would be so sweet. Root for the Panthers.

Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals: The feeling here is that Washington could be the biggest threat to the Eagles in the NFC East. Here’s to hoping good ol’ Sam Bradford can help out his former team today by beating Washington. Root for the Cardinals.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints: The Saints are clearly much bigger threats to the Eagles in the NFC than the Ryan Fitzpatrick-led Bucs are. It’d be nice to see Tampa Bay get a fluky win and start to smell themselves too much heading into Week 2 against the Eagles. Root for the Bucs.

San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings: I could see some split opinions on this game depending on which team you think is the bigger threat in the NFC. Even though the 49ers appear to be on the rise, I’d say the Vikings are more threatening to the Eagles’ playoff positioning. Plus, how could you want to see THIS guy win? Root for the 49ers.

Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos: No brainer to root for the AFC team to beat the NFC team here. Root for the Broncos.

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers: Please keep Aaron Rodgers far away from the playoffs as possible. Root for the Bears.

New York Jets at Detroit Lions: No brainer to root for the AFC team to beat the NFC team here. The Jets should also be your favorite AFC team since they have Sam Darnold and it’d be great to see Darnold succeed to the point where the Giants feel so dumb for passing on him. Root for the J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!

Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders: The Rams could easily be one of the biggest threats to the Eagles in the NFC East. Root for Jon Gruden for somehow to find a way to beat Sean McVay. Root for the Raiders.


Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens: In case you forgot, the Eagles own the Ravens’ 2019 second-round pick. Philadelphia traded out of No. 32 overall (which they earned by winning the Super Bowl) in the 2018 NFL Draft since Baltimore wanted to move up for Lamar Jackson. The pick will be better for the Eagles if the Ravens lose, so get ready to cheer for Nathan Peterman today. Root for the Bills.


Houston Texans at New England Patriots: On one hand, I’d love to see an Eagles versus Patriots Super Bowl again this season. On the other hand, I almost never want to see the Pats win. Root for the Texans.

Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins: Given that the Eagles play the Titans in a few weeks, it’d be nice to see them look unimpressive. But I don’t really care who wins this game. Root for whoever you want.

Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts: Given that the Eagles play the Colts in a couple weeks, it’d be nice to see them look unimpressive. But I’m rooting for former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich to do well in Indy. They’re my second favorite AFC team now behind the Jets. I’m also really curious to see how much more Marvin Lewis can fail and still hold on to his job. Root for the Colts.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns: I want to see the Browns continue to lose so it can be pointed out they’re 1-32 since passing on Carson Wentz. Although it would be funny to see Pittsburgh lose this one. Root for the Steelers.

Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers: I took the Chargers to win this game so I’ll be rooting for them. As far as your rooting interests go ... well, that’s up to you. If you want to cheer on Andy Reid, feel free. Root for whoever you want.

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