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Eagles home opener features Meek Mill, Brian Dawkins, and Boyz II Men

It’s kind of a big night in Philadelphia.

2018 Made In America - Day 1 Photo by Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Tonight’s Philadelphia Eagles game is going to be, for a lack of better words, lit AF.

As if there wasn’t enough juice in the building with the Philadelphia Eagles revealing their Super Bowl banner tonight ...

... there are plenty of other reasons to be excited for this game.

For starters, Meek Mill is in the building tonight. He’ll be sitting in Jeffrey Lurie’s box. You know how this team and fanbase goes crazy when Dreams And Nightmares gets played.

But Meek won’t be the only famous Philadelphia music artist in the house tonight. The national anthem will be performed by Boyz II Men, as first noticed by NBC Sports Philadelphia.

But wait! It gets even better. NFL insider Mike Garafolo reports that Pro Football Hall of Fame safety Brian Dawkins is going to be involved in the pregame somehow. (Maybe he’s going to be involved in the banner unveiling?)

The one thing we know for sure is that the Linc is going to be rocking tonight. Here’s hoping it gives a boost to an undermanned Eagles team going up against the Falcons.

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