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Eagles vs. Colts Game Predictions

Who will win?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles have already played two games but it feels like today is the beginning of a brand new season.

Carson Wentz is back.

And that’s great news.

Look, reigning Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles will always be a legend in this town, and deservedly so.

But this is Wentz’s team.

And there’s a reason for that. That reason, put simply, is because he’s really freaking good.

It’s fair to be at least a little bit apprehensive about Wentz’s return. Is he going to be rusty? Should we temper expectations?

If Wentz doesn’t instantly return to his 2017 MVP-caliber form, it’s not going to be a disaster for the Eagles.

But ... what if Wentz DOES look that good?

What if, despite the fact the Eagles are going to be without at least two of their top running backs and three of their top four wide receivers, Wentz just looks awesome?

I’m going to throw caution to the wind and say that Wentz IS going to have a great game. He’s going to illustrate the difference having a franchise quarterback makes. This isn’t going to be like last week where Foles was merely “good enough.” Wentz has the capability to put the team on his back.

The Eagles are sure going to need a big performance from No. 11. Based on everything I’ve seen out of him this offseason, he’s looked healthy and awesome. He’s looked super sharp in the practices I’ve watched. The Eagles have said his throwing velocity is better than ever.

So, you can say I’m feeling pretty optimistic about the Eagles’ chances on Sunday. It helps that the Colts aren’t very good. I know they beat Washington last week, but the talent on their roster just isn’t very impressive. Even with the Eagles missing a number of players, it still seems like they have an edge over Indy.

I just don’t believe the Eagles are going to lose Wentz’s first game back with team. It’s a win.


Suggested format:

Score prediction:

Bold prediction:

My predictions:

Score prediction: 28-13, Eagles win

Bold prediction: Carson Wentz throws three touchdown passes and rushes for another in his first game back.

Fan predictions:

Bleeding Green Nation FanPulse (survey of Eagles fans): Eagles favored by 9 points

Stampede Blue FanPulse (survey of Colts fans): Eagles favored by 1 point

Leave your own predictions in the comments.


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