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Browns use Philly Special to help Cleveland get first win in 634 days

Copy cats.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

At one point during the Browns versus Jets game on Thursday Night Football, color analyst Troy Aikman quipped that “the Browns are not the Eagles” when Hue Jackson passed up going for it on a fourth down situation.

Thanks, Troy.

But there WAS one moment when the Browns resembled the reigning Super Bowl champions on Thursday evening. It came when the Browns ran a familiar looking play for a successful two-point conversion.

This caused the Eagles to react:

With the direct snap to the running back, this is certainly the Philly Special and not the similar-looking Philly Philly play. The only difference from the Eagles’ version is that the Browns ran it to the left side of the field.

As it was for the Eagles, the Philly Special ended up being a pretty big play for the Browns as well. It allowed them to tie the game and never look back as Cleveland earned their first win in 634 days.

Congrats, Browns fans. Your team is now merely 2-32-1 since passing on Carson Wentz!


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